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#1095247 Happy Holidays Revora Teams !

Posted by ombrephenix on 25 December 2018 - 07:16 PM

<:) <:) :evgr: :evgr: <:) <:) :evgr: :evgr: :santah: :santah: :mellowthumbsup:


Merry christmas friends !! and in anticipation happy new year!

My goals for the year are achieved, but the "Praetorian Mod" requires more work "A.E". No viable gift for the tree, sorry.

Pretorian Chimera:


Pretorian Chimera codex variation:


Praetorian Hellhound:


Pretorian Hellhound codex variation:


Praetorian Platform (or turret is a point of view of the gameplay has debate):



New Afriel:


#1074565 Wishes for 2018

Posted by ombrephenix on 03 January 2018 - 05:42 AM

Happy new year and best wishes my friends.
For most of us still motivated despite the obligations "IRL". Personally my motivation and that the "Modding" and a hobby with technical and artistic challenges. The important thing is to feel good in your boots and in harmony with your philosopher of life. "Time passing" is only a narrow view of the mind.

well! for 2018 my motivation remains "a long quiet river".



#1070522 Vanilla issues that needs fixing [Model+Animation related only]

Posted by ombrephenix on 26 October 2017 - 05:47 AM

I note mainly two major problems that must be observed. the game is not intended to be used in "-dev" Mod, I am not measured the real impact of these problems for a normal game. They potentially represent a big memory leak.

1 °) .The "Decay Events" corrupted some generators. Saturate the warning log in "O.E". The main reason for the warnings is the absence of "Markers / Helpers" for the support of "FX". Some models of generators do not seem to have been planned for the support of "Decay".

I myself must update the generators of the Praetorian mod to support the "decay"


2°) Many community-modified models use a common base of models for their work (mainly FoK / PoK). Unfortunately the teams that have created this model base have misjudged the negative impact that one of the properties of the models can have: "ForceSkinning = Yes".
This property is often misuse (Only the banners have justified the use of the property by me at the moment) This property has a limit of use per model (8000/10000 polygons approximately, to be confirmed by tests under "O.E").
Above this limit the model generates display errors in "O.E" and when all the "meshes" of the model are displayed an explosion of the "warning log" (It can reach more than 100 MB in less than 2 minutes).

By extrapolation I tend to say that these models with an error "O.E" in the game can be the cause of "crash".

#1070458 Blood Ravens banner as flag have you that too? Fix inside.

Posted by ombrephenix on 25 October 2017 - 12:31 AM

I really planned to update "O.P". We are few to be able to do.the update of "O.P". I must do it for Praetorian Mod. :mellowthumbsup:
You must compile an archive with all the banners that must be considered for the update, including the Whm / Whe, Attrib, Art, FX, Sounds or other required for the banners. Having 3dmax banners folders is a time saver (Animations, Skin)
I do not promise to be able to integrate all without difficulties. But I will try to make them in "O.P".

#1067929 Loki's resurce senter

Posted by ombrephenix on 30 September 2017 - 05:35 AM

Hi friend! :) I appreciate any archiving initiatives. I recommend you do it in moderation and relevance. Files or obsolete sources can be sources of problems. My suggestion is to compare most of your archives with that used nowadays. "Skins" is a more delicate subject, many are not relevant when you impose quality criteria. :shiftee2:
You have to ask yourself the question "why do?" :mellowthumbsup: . Personally it is the potential Modding that helps me to determine the archiving. If a model, a skin, a Map script, a Lua / Scar / AI code, a tool, etc. have real potential Modding then can be archived.

#1067281 Video review on Youtube

Posted by ombrephenix on 23 September 2017 - 04:40 AM

Am not able to judge the gameplay criticism .(translation is bad) But the video has the merit of revealing many of our mistakes .The gameplay requires updates for the consistency of the design of the faction. Notably the squad of command .. I think the Major is not in the right place. Personally I always visualized his role as an independent character.Hero with two vocations, being the main leader for the design and that of the Hunter / Assassin for the gamepelay .. A support character with aura (AOE) for the command part or become a gifted sniper with his wargear (equipment and pet).


You can see the lack of coherence in the video when there are 3 Major in Lieutenant Colonel's Command Squad.


This model as well as the commissioner and the lieutenants are Wip. I have scheduled special capacity support for the Major. You must consider the current lieutenant colonel as the WIP of two separate characters (currently it is a ramdon at the level of the heads). Each character being in my gameplay design would become a major tactical choice of the gameplay. It also lacks a (younger) lieutenant to manage the t1 / t2 of the Mod.(Wip)

#1051527 _ Objective Points Mod _ news

Posted by ombrephenix on 20 February 2017 - 08:54 AM

Correct me but I thought exporting whe/whm into MAX or OE, making changes, then re-exporting back in the hope all is ok as a whe/whm is a VERY risky endeavour because of you can really never expect consistent results having to literally "disturb" the model by ripping it apart in Max/OE then re-exporting it back in the game?


I'm not sure I understand the whole question. I thought you already knew the main defects of a 3dmax import.

1) Loss or Corruption of "Smoothing Groups": Impacts the rendering of curves. Sometimes repeating the "smoothing" of the model is an opportunity to improve the rendering of textures (Too much smoothing generates shadows that "mess" the textures.)


2) Loss of the "Skin": The most annoying of the problems. It needs to be redone on "meshes" which require a "Skin" for their animations. It is a long and delicate process depending on the complexity of the 3D model and requires an understanding of the rules of 3d animation.


3) Loss animated textures. You have to learn how to make animated textures.
Note: Animated textures is a reason for imports broken with tools "Mudflaps_whm". The trick is to move the textures animations to the bottom of the list of animations (with FFE) in whm. Import will be broken but only when it will attempt to import animated textures. (So at the end of whm) Then it remains only "repaired" the animated texture with "FFE" in "SGM".


4) Models like banner can generate random corruption: Two faces (identical, with "skin"?), Very close to each other, occasionally occasionally randomly merge their vertices. (It's painful to identify and repair)


5) Exporting from 3dmax to "O.E" may be the cause of "Ebp" corruption. (XRF can be corrupted) This is something that happened more often during the first export. If there is already an "Ebp" (Import with Mudflaps_Tools)
Regular "Ebp" backups must be made between each modification and import of "SGM / Whm".

#1050971 _ Objective Points Mod _ news

Posted by ombrephenix on 15 February 2017 - 07:28 PM

Hi "el-JONSON"! :evgr:


I need to know your plans for "OP". Do you have my 3D files for Praetorian "OP"? Do you have a project for them? <:)

"OP" is my second Modding priority. For Praetorian. I must anticipate the assumption of the work "OP". If you are unavailable for the follow-up of the project, I think we need a (solid) link on your files. (DataSrc / OE)

My suggestion is to make a resource for Modding on "Modb". :santah: