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In Topic: How to have an ALL AI battle + Super Fast Game Speed, etc.

21 August 2007 - 04:25 AM

hehe.. Glad you got around to it but why decide to have ALL-AI battles? So few people are interesting in watching the action from the sidelines. Thats generally for developers like us to quickly see issues arise and immediately try to address them.

I dunno, Im kinda different,

I coach Highschool football by profession, and that part of me is extremely competitive, but when I'm gamin', I like to relax.

I dont get competitive at all in gaming. For instance Counter Strike source...played it ....HATE it! I dont find it fun at all to kill you you kill me for the 900th time and U and I intantly respawn...

I like to really escape into the game Im playin. I read alot of the Warhammer 40,000 books from the black library. When I play all AI DOSkirmish, DOWXP, IDH, ANihilation etc.. Its usually because I just read a great story..I set up the skirmishes and then zoom the camera around and pretend Im actually on the planet witnessing the war. Now I know that is probably boring to most people but its what I do. Beleive me I would like to design some ideas or whatever but as I stated in my first post... Im freakin retarted. I dont even know which apps are crap apps as you posted earlier.

But anyway thanks to you, Arkon(sp), and the others that work so hard, I still play A mod of some type for Dark Crusade every day. Iv'e got a big IMGINATION way back from my D&D days.

oh and just to show you that I am truly a Grognard I also play out every single game in every year of madden football including preseasons and going thru as many teams as it will let me in training camp. AND I NEVER CALL A PLAY or control any player...yep all A.I.! Fortunately I found some others that do this and I dunno we just act like were watching a football game except I we can stop a game or go back and look at any part of the field.

O.k. I think you get my point...

By the way I woulnd't be opposed to play testing some stuff for you guys but football season is fixin to start wich means 88+ hour work weaks. Some "good news" though I hit an 18 wheeler head on last november and am still in a wheel chair so I might not coach this year..so... I may have some time if you ever need anything. I feel its the least I could do for you guys allowing me to escape into my computer world! :rolleyes:

I also promise not to bore you with the drab details of my life any more :blink:

Remember you asked....LOL.

In Topic: How to have an ALL AI battle + Super Fast Game Speed, etc.

17 August 2007 - 09:23 PM


Thanx for the reply.

I figured it out! :good:

When copy and saving to a notepad file I had to change the SAVE FILE TYPE from TEXT to ANY FILE!

Now Im Rockin!

I also just Dwnloaded 2.5! Fixin Check it out!

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

In Topic: How to have an ALL AI battle + Super Fast Game Speed, etc.

30 June 2007 - 10:21 PM

Thudo you're the best thanx for the great A.I.!!!

But I am retarded and cant get my autoexec.lua to work.

I copied, pasted, called it autoexec.lua, added -dev after darkcrusade.exe" and still nothing.

Ive tried it with wordpad note pad and just creating a new file in prog.files\thq\dow-dark crusade.

the file sits in my main the directory where all the modules are and the dxp2, w40k files are.

What am i doing wrong?????

I really, really, really, want this to work becuase sometimes I play 5 man maps w/ 3 teams and kill myself immediately just so i can watch the computer duke it out. I would love to watch the computer go all out in a 3v3 mode.