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Can't connect to C&C Generals: Zero Hour

18 March 2024 - 09:29 PM



I've been trying to create a new account tom play C&C Generals: Zero Hour but anytime I click "Create Account," I get the error: "Could not connect to C&C Generals Zero Hour."


I've been trying to fix this for a week now, I've tried using different emails and a different computer but I get the same error on both. 


I have GenTools and GenPatcher installed. 


I ran Test-NetConnection peerchat.server.cnc-online.net -port 6667 and this was my result: 


ComputerName     : peerchat.server.cnc-online.net                                                                       

RemoteAddress    :                                                                                     

RemotePort       : 6667                                                                                                 

InterfaceAlias   : Ethernet 2                                                                                           

SourceAddress    :                                                                                       

TcpTestSucceeded : True    



My local IP in the game is correct (192.168), so I'm at a loss on what to try next. Any help would be appreciated!



Thank you.