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#821888 The BfME 1½ Mod

Posted by Rimli on 22 September 2010 - 10:56 AM

The BfME 1½ Mod is a mod for BfME 2 without RotWK.

The essential modification is the rechanging of the building system into the old system with building foundations known from BfME 1.
It is our goal to create again the LotR-atmosphere in BfME 2 as it was in BfME 1.

Other changes will be:
- New models and skins for several units and buildings, especially for the Dwarf and Wild faction.
- New skirmish maps.

1rst Trailer BfME 1½ Mod
Aragorn Update Trailer
Hour Of the Witchking Update Trailer
BfME 1½ Mod Gondor Trailer

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Leader/Coder: Rimli
Coder: Arathorn101
Beta-Testing: Spartan184

Former Team Members:
Coder: Maethor
Artist: Kadafi
Beta-Testing: Gnominator, Pallando, Lomion

#821887 Release BfME 1½ mod version 1.01

Posted by Rimli on 22 September 2010 - 10:54 AM

The bugfix version 1.01 of the BfME 1½ mod is finished.

BfME 1.01 is a stand-alone-version. You have to deinstall version 1.0 with the deinstaller before you install version 1.01.

New in version 1.01:
- Several bugs fixed
- "Brown Lands" added as skirmish map
- Archers now attack structures automatically
- Witchking on foot is now weaker: damage reduced, attack radius reduced
- Mouth Of Sauron damage reduced
- Sauron cannot attack walls anymore
- Elvenwood and Tainted Land are now permanently on the battlefield
- Ringwraith speed on foot reduced
- New effect for "Call Of the Ring" (additional to the old features): Nazgul can use the fell beast immediately

The mod has an installer, so it should be quite easy to install the mod. However, you should have a clean BfME2 installation with patch 1.06.
The mod is made not to change the main game. So you can still play the original game using the normal BfME2 shortcut.

If you want to play the mod use one of the shortcuts on the desktop or in the start menu created by the installer.

The installer gives you two opportunities:

The mod is released in two languages: English and German. You can choose the language during the installation (default is German!).
I recommend always to install one language version.

Widescreen maps
You can install widescreen maps optionally. They were fixed to use widescreen resolution with BfME. The maps should not influence the multiplayer compatibility, so you should be able to play with BfME 1½ mod players with the normal version.

Note: Widescreen resolution cannot be chosen in the game menu. You have to set the resolution manually in the options.ini file in the "My BfME2" folder.

You can get further information in the readme.txt. If you have problems feel free to ask in the support topics.

BfME 1½ Mod version 1.01

Have fun playing the mod.

The BfME 1½ Team