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#1091357 MO 3.3 // Game Bugs

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 28 September 2018 - 10:35 AM

My MCV got stuck in a Gridlock, despite the lack of other traffic.



#1089782 Patch 3.3.4 Proposed Changelog

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 01 September 2018 - 05:24 PM

Would it be possible to make it so when the AI surrenders in multiplayer any tech buildings they control don't automatically explode?

#1086599 Patch 3.3.4 Proposed Changelog

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 17 July 2018 - 06:36 PM



Iron Dragon is so OP man, pls nerf it.

In 2.0 there was a stolen tech unit called the Decimator Tank. THAT was OP. And Purposefully so, considering it was the equivient of the Cyborg Commando.


How were you able to acquire the decimator tank? Now I'm thinking about reinstalling MO 2.0 just so I can get the tank to test for myself.


Infiltrate all battle labs and have all 3 tech trees. You'd get access to the Phalanx Tank (basically a Quickshifter), the Apollo Bot (a fast, tiny robot that can MC units and buildings) and the Decimator tank (a T5 monster tank that could wreck an AI base all by himself).

#1086487 MO Wiki discussion

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 15 July 2018 - 05:34 AM

I used the Wayback Machine to get info off of the old MO sites. Here's a compilation of the info I got. If I get more info, I'll update the doc.



#1086355 MO 3.3 // Campaign, Cooperative & Challenge Discussion

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 12 July 2018 - 07:25 AM

I'm currently in the process of making a series of maps based on what I think this world would look like at different stages. One prior to WWII, one prior to WWIII, one prior to the MO War, and one the current status of the MO War. The maps themselves are done, but I'm still in the process of writing descriptions for them. I'm trying to stick as close as I can to the info given in-game, but that info is not very specific. I'm fine with that, because then everyone can have different views on how they think the world would look.

#1082508 MO Wiki discussion

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 24 April 2018 - 03:28 AM

I would like to see some pages on the wiki about stuff from 1.0 and 2.0. I know the content in those versions is no longer canon, but I spent many happy hours playing 2.0. RIP Chaos Force.

#1080987 Killing Rashidi in Obsidian Sands

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 25 March 2018 - 11:40 AM

On my second playthrough of this mission, I discovered that it is possible to kill Rashidi (for realsies). Destroy all the SC forces save Rashidi's Palace and one Naval Yard. Make a bunch of Duneriders (25-ish) and have them blob up around the secret cave. Have Libra nearby. Destroy Rashidi's Palace. When the Jackal Racer spawns, it will be trapped and unable to get through the Dunerider blob. Carefully move a few Duneriders out of the way so Libra can get close to the Jackal and activate her gravity field. Sit back and watch as the Jackal either gets flung into the cliffside or into the water and violently explodes.




Rashidi learns to fly...




...And it ends in tragedy.

#1071226 MO Screenshots Thread (Image Heavy!)

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 04 November 2017 - 03:36 PM

"The only predator you need."



#1058033 Where my NA players at!?

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 12 May 2017 - 05:04 AM

Currently commanding Allied Resistance forces out of Columbus, Ohio EST. We finally just got our Mercury Satellite up and running again.

#1057182 Mental Omega World Maps

Posted by LordDesolator777 on 29 April 2017 - 02:22 AM

Here are some maps I made from across the MO timeline. These are made based on info from Mental Omega and Red Alert 1, as well as some historical influences and personal inferences. These are NOT official maps. Just my interpretation of how the world would look right before the start of World War 2, World War 3, and the Mental Omega War.


Across all maps, white means unaligned/neutral.


The world shortly before WWII:



Dark Red - Russia


Red - Occupied by Russia (Mongolia, China, Manchuria, Korea, Japan, Indochina, Tibet, Tuvan Republic, Afghanistan, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary)


Dark Blue - Allies (United Kingdom, Unites States, Canada, Newfoundland & Labrador, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, France, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Italy, Yugoslavia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Liberia, Colonial Africa, British Raj, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Timor, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Misc. Colonies/Territories)


The world shortly before WWIII:



Dark Blue - United States


Teal - European Alliance (United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Cyprus, Poland, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, United Baltic Republic)


Light Blue - Pacific Front (Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Nauru, Palau, Micronesia, Samoa, Kiribati, Tuvalu)


Blue - Other Allied Nations (Republic of China, India, Egypt, Sudan, Liberia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Rwanda, Burundi, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Somaliland, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Panama, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Martinique, St. Vincent, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, Canada)


Dark Red - Russia


Orange - People's Republic of China


Yellow - Latin Confederation (Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador, Peru)


Red - Other Communist Countries (North Korea, Mongolia, Tuvan Republic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Chechnya, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Burma, Vietnam, Timor, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Angola, Benin, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria)


Purple - Euro Alliance members with communist insurgent activity (Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Czechia)


The world shortly before the Mental Omega War:



Dark Red - Russia


Orange - China


Yellow - Latin Confederation (Spain, Portugal, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Guiana, Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Mexico)


Red - other communist countries (Soviet States of America, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Andorra, Poland, Albania, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Czechia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Republic of the Congo, Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar, Gabon, Central African Republic, Comoros, Seychelles, Burkina Faso, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Burma, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Timor, Singapore)


Teal - European Alliance (United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland)


Cyan - Publicly Neutral, Secretly Allied (Canada, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Malaysia, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, Lesotho, Liberia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Somaliland, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi)


Purple - Epsilon (Fiji, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Tonga, Galapagos Islands, Tierra Del Fuego, Antarctica, Grande Terre, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, Sao Tome & Principe, Reunion, Mauritius, St. Helena, Graham Island)


Gray - European Resistance, Fan Faction, (Liechtenstein). The Euro Resistance is a group of freedom fighters against the Soviet oppression led by two German commandos, Detriev and Koenig. Their base of operations is a converted hospital in Vaduz. The hospital acts as a Barracks and War Factory.