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Offline LAN

19 September 2015 - 02:11 PM

Long time no speak (and no play :/).
Just installed MO at my local LAN café, but am having trouble creating offline LAN games (obviously cncnet doesn't work being offline). The problem we're having is clicking LAN/VPN just returns us to the main menu.

Windows 7 on a connected server.

Installed through the complete collection.

YR: After the Fall

28 June 2015 - 08:56 PM

Yuri was defeated, but not without cost. With agents everywhere, willing or otherwise, paranoia ran rampant. Governments crumbled as the war between the Allies and the Soviets reignited, consuming more and more with each passing day.

After the Fall features:
● A slower paced game; Games are split into three distinct tiers.
● A restructured tech teee; Many units and buildings have been moved up the tech tree.
● Strategic buildings; tier-advancement buildings are slow to build and costly, defend them well.
● Decisions on when to advanced; the higher a tier the longer construction takes, build at the wrong time and risk being unable to respond.
● More meaningful Tech Buildings; Tech Buildings are to be cherish and defended. With a greater focus on economy and power, the Oil Derricks and Power Plants can turn the tides. Machine Shops and Hospitals keep your units alive longer, and Tech Battle Labs allow you access to lost technology such as Centurions and Chrono Prisons.

The tiers:
Tier 1, a.k.a. Pre-Radar;
During Tier 1 infantry are of great value, as the comprise nearly all your army. At this stage basic defenses, barracks, power plants, refineries and of course radar are buildable. Be warned, the radar takes a fair time and effort to build.

Tier 2, a.k.a. Pre-Lab;
Tier 2 sees the start of vehicles, as War Factories and Naval Yards become available. Likewise, more powerful defenses are buildable. The Battle Lab can also be constructed, but to do so is a great chore.

Tier 3, a.k.a. The Top;
At Tier 3 everything is available to you. Uninterceptable siege units can be built, as can Super Weapons and two support buildings.