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In Topic: Sole Survivor recreated in RA

28 November 2015 - 12:28 AM

Here's an enhanced version of the popular crates map "Break Ownz at Crates" which people like to play with bases on, units 0, money 0, tech level 1, and of course crates on.


This one is named XS-Break Ownz These Crates?  And is designed to be played the same or any way you like.  England & Spain are replaced with GDI and Germany & Turkey are replaced with Nod.  Units have Sole Survivor stats except infantry are still crushable.  The Ore Truck and Mine Layers of very limited usefulness that people would get from crates are now Flame Tanks and Mobile Rocket Launchers.  Each player also starts with one missile launching gunboat as well as single use spy plane, custom paratroopers, chrono, and iron curtain.  Soviets get medium tanks (with sole stats) instead of heavy tanks.


This map requires C&C1 gfx in spawn1.mix automatically loaded by CnCNet.

In Topic: Sole Survivor recreated in RA

18 November 2015 - 10:42 PM

Actually somewhere on CnCNet's forums I mentioned that as a good possibility, but this should be a good start.  I don't know when I could get to that, but anyone is welcome to use any part of my work.

In Topic: Which C&C Runs on Win7?

27 September 2015 - 07:25 AM

I think starting with Generals, C&C games had some of their control made more like the craft games, especially with mouse buttons being switched for attacking things.  Practically any C&C should show a unit's life if you select it.


I have every C&C installed on Win 7 except C&C4.  I haven't tried running Renegade under Win 7 yet but the only two games that gave me trouble are Tiberium Dawn/C&C95 and Sole Survivor.


I had Sole Survivor patched to 1.05 but it was freezing and crashing and had messed up colors until I got these tips from Tomsons on the CNCnet forums.


Start the game, quickly open up the Task Manager and set the process Affinity to only one CPU core, that should solve that issue,might still hang/crash but should work on next run.
This is a long known bug, the CnCNet exes are forced to one core on C&C and RA by default.


Well you can also try copying the ddraw.dll and ddraw.ini from TD to the Sole folder.


If it doesn't work at first tweak the settings in ddraw.ini, i only tried it in windowed mode tho.

That fixed it all without having to edit ddraw.ini.  And those files set the process affinity to one core so I don't have to do that everytime I run anymore.


TD/C&C95 is totally stable in multiplayer through CNCnet but single player campaigns and missions have been giving me trouble with crashing or the mouse cursor disappearing so I'm going to see if I have to set the process affinity to one core while running that it as well and see if it helps.

In Topic: XO: Allies vs GDI vs Nod vs Soviet in RA1 and more

19 September 2015 - 03:06 PM

The Crossed Up Vehicles rules xv.txt in xorules.zip was updated and map XV-Czech Mate with it was updated to v2.1.


Added Verses=100%,3%,3%,3%,3% under [HollowPoint]
For some reason if you don't have that or the RA %'s and add Spread=4 so the sniper doesn't suck against moving soldiers, the sniper rifle and colt45 will do heavy damage to vehicles.
I don't know what's increasing it beyond RA's normal Verses=100%,5%,5%,5%,5%.
But having the values in a map fixes or overrides or prevents it.  This happened before while I was working Red Dawn maps even though that uses Organic for the sniper with the low %'s set to zeros.
I see nothing in spawn.xdp or spawnam.xdp (plain txt rules used by CNCnet) in either game that's doing this either.