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The BFME installation guide for Linux and Mac has been updated! (about 10 fewer ste...

08 April 2019 - 12:55 AM

Link to guide: https://forums.revor...ion-guide-bfme/


Wine release 4.3 on March 1st greatly helped playing BFME on Mac/Linux, so I rewrote pretty much the entire guide from scratch to accommodate. Additionally, this change from 5 days ago that will be in the next Wine release will allow me to reduce the guide again!


If anyone has issues installing the game, let me know.

"Battle for Middle-earth v1.03 Patch" No longer exists in the master installati...

10 March 2019 - 06:36 AM



I'm reworking my Linux/Mac guide, and noticed this. I think it should be fixed :o 


There's these two links, both give the exact same download (sha256 13e138bccb4680aa7adbdaa0bd8cc4367f4964d455fba5589a7355ba13f7e5ed)





Also - Either the All in One 1.06 Patch Installer (1.05 and 1.06) is broken for my setup, or is entirely broken right now. Can someone check this for me?

Why doesn't the Edain Mod have a place under released BFME mods?

10 December 2018 - 03:37 AM

I've personally noticed Edain has a lot of support and development going on behind it, so it seems weird to me for it to otherwise not be included in the official modding section.

Linux and Mac Installation Guide [BFME]

04 November 2018 - 03:45 PM


For Windows, follow this guide here: https://forums.revor...allation-guide/

Mac Instructions: https://www.reddit.c...nline_play_t3a/



How this guide works:


We're going to leverage the latest Wine version (4.0), and trick it into thinking it's running on a 32-bit machine. If you're reading this guide in like 2022, you probably won't need to do this, and you should just try to directly install the game - but as of right now, this is the only way to get BFME to work. 


At each step, there will be the basic instruction, and then a spoiler tag if you need more help. This is because some of you will know how to install it based on the synopsis above, and some of you won't know how to mount a disk from the command line. This guide will work for you both :)





If you're new, or not too comfortable with Linux, this guide may be a bit difficult (but not impossible) to follow. I recommend you get the help of a friend, Google, or just try, try and try again if you get stuck!


If you have not previously installed wine:

  1. Install wine

If you have previously installed wine:

  1. cd to your home directory
  2. Move .wine to .wine_old (This backs up your current wine directory. If you ever want your old wine games back, swap them).

In either case:

  1. You need to install lib32-gnutls and lib32-mpg123.
  2. Set your winecfg to Windows 7




Installation Steps:


  1. Export WINEARCH to be win32
  2. Download The Battle for Middle Earth (Click here)
  3. Go to the directory with tBfMe.iso
  4. Mount the iso
  5. Enter your mount point
  6. Run the AutoRun.exe

  7. Install the game as you would normally


  8. Patch option.ini

  9. Download the v1.03 patch: https://www.gamefron...tegory/25-v1-03 


  10. Download the v1.05, v1.06 and Online Installer: http://server.cnc-on...tch1.06_AIO.exe


  11. Launch the game!




How to fix "Download Failed: Success" for v1.05 patch



How to fix resolution:



How to kill unresponsive game:



How to make the game cooperate with Virtual Desktops:



How to fix Exception Access Violation:



Playing online:

Right now, the T3AOnline launcher creates a thread in some weird fashion to kick off the game.dat that's not currently supported by Wine. I have tested this fairly extensively on Wine 4.5 and was unable to make it work. If you're reading this in the future, or if T3AOnline receives another update, it may be worth trying again, but for now it's not easily possible.