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The Harry Potter Modification

23 December 2007 - 05:34 AM

This mod is a total conversion and will bring the world of JK Rowling to BFME2. It will add 2 factions and all of your favorite heroes of the series and creatures/ buildings.
The First ver. Of the tech tree written by: {IP}Servant of the Shadow, my brother, Bearemy404

So far the team; Me, puppteer, bear404,sauron, Guess who, Eldarion25, Jimiojoe, grizzlez
mabey from pasidon and elvenfury i know im leaveing someone out?


Hero's -
Harry Potter
Ronald Weasley
Hermione Granger
Minerva McGonagoll (sp?)
Mad-eye Moody
Severus Snape
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Rubeus Hagrid

Floo Network - Resource

Common Rooms
Level 1 - Hufflepuff Students - Cheap/Fodder
Level 2 - Ravenclaw Students - Debuff Enemies
Level 3 - Griffindor Students - Powerful
- Slytherin Students - More powerful but unreliable (radius attacks allies/ai wander off)

Quidditch Stables
Level 1 - Beaters - Melee
Level 2 - Mounted Aurors - Ranged

Hagrids Hut
Level 1 - Owls - Spies/sentries (can't attack)
Level 2 - Blast-ended Skrewts
Level 3 - Centaurs - (Possibly make them only summonable spell power instead? - as they're not very loyal...)
- Aragogs Brood

Level 1 - Mandrake Gardeners - Drop a mandrake (it cant move on its own)
Level 3 - Devil Snare Gardeners - Plants Devil Snare

Fountain of Magical Brethren - Well

Whomping Willow - Sentry (stealthed)

Spell Tower - Defense building

Room Of Requirement - Upgrades
Units -
Thick Cloaks - % Armor
Olivander's Wands - % Attack Speed
Modern Brooms - % Speed
Spell Books - % Damage

Buildings -
Gringotts Savings - % Increase to Floo Network
Disallusionment Charms - Stealth

Hogwarts - Fort
Upgrades -
- Tall Towers - Vision
- Devilsnare - Decrease melee vulernability
- Anti-Apparate Grounds - Prevents nearby apparition
- Hogwarts History - Leadership buff (Prequisite)
- Power of the Founders - Single Powerful Magic AOE attack

Expanson Plots -
- House Ghosts - Scare nearby units
- Spell Tower - Basic defense
- Weasleys Rockets - Fire multiple bombs
- Arragogs Brood - Spider sentries


Dark Side - (Need name)

Hero's -
Bellatrix Lestrange
Lucius Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
Fenrir Greyback
- Possibly Crab + Goyle?

Dirty Blood Workpit - Resource

Training Grounds
Level 1 - Dark Supporters - Cheap fodder
Level 3 - Death Eaters

Broom Workshop
Level 1 - Spies - Vision/Stealth
Level 3 - Mounted Deatheaters

Dark Outpost
Level 1 - Trolls
Level 2 - Werewolves
Level 3 - Giants


Blood Well - Well

Homage To Slytherin - Statue (of snake)

Cursed Objects - Sentry/Crate (stealthed)

Spell Tower - Basic defense

Chamber Of Secrets - Upgrades
Units -
Stolen Fabrics - % Armor
Captured Wands - % Attack Speed
Affordable Brooms - % Speed
Dark Spellbook - % Damage

Buildings -
Ministry Backing - % Increase Resource
Disallusionment Charms - Stealth
Pack Down - [If we use moveable buildings that is]

Dark Hideout - Fort
Upgrades -
- The Dark Mark - Leadership Buff
- Element of Suprise - Fog that stealths allies
- Knowledge of the Dark Arts - % Decrease on unit upgrades
- Secret Chambers - % Health increase (Prequisite)
- Enemies of the heir beware - Enables summoning of a basalisk

Expanson Plots -
- Spell Tower - Basic defense
- Fiendfyre - (Fire-floodgate)
- Serpent Cages - Snake sentries


Other Facts/Themes/Details

- 'The ring' replaced with 'The Elder Wand' - Unit holding it has majorly increased stats.
- Neutral Units -
Spider Lair
Troll Lair
Centaur Lair
Dragon Lair
Inferi Lair
Inn > Leaky Cauldron
Outpost > Hogs Head
- Stances have much more physical effect on the unit
- Swaps commandsets for hero's.
- Units are created (more cheaply) individually, not in hordes.
- Dark side buildings will implement either a moving/packing up building style or a thrallmaster - no building style
- Every unit has a different/individual attack speed

the above is buy Jimiojoe an {IP}lacrosseman930

please post comments

also there is already disscusion on this mod at IP if you would like to view it.

{IP}Servant of the Shadow (lacrossman930)

Siege of Dol Amroth

20 December 2007 - 03:56 AM

It will have three versions;
1) 2 Single palyer missions (good and evil)
2) Mulitiplayer 2v1

below is by: Turinturambar aka the hand of the valinor
This is the story for the siege of dol amroth, an important battle of the war of the ring that has received no attention from any media source. This map is brought to you by The Hand of Valinor, {IP}Servant of the Shadow (lacrossman930), and hopefully {IP}Lascar

Mission Title: The Siege of Dol Amroth
This is a dual side mission for the Wars of the East Mod and the cut scenes have only subtle differences
Mordor Campaign Version:
Opening cut scene: Corsair ships fighting the Men of the West ships and defeating them, then scrolls over to Mouth of Sauron and Corsair officer the Corsair king having a conversation:
Mouth of Sauron: that was the last of their ships Corsair officer now the city is defenseless from bombardment.
Corsair officer: Aye my Lord my forces will make short work of them
Mouth of Sauron: Do not fail me Corsair’s we must take out the city or else we can not aid our allies from Mordor at Minas Tirith
Corsair officer: It wont take long to defeat these foes my lord
Mouth of Sauron: very well, but you know the price you will pay if you lose
Mouth of Sauron walks off screen
Corsair officer: Alright forces of Mordor ATTACK
Big huzzah follows this announcement ((end of cut scene)
The fortress city of Dol Amroth is split into two sections, the elven sector and the Men of the West sector. (Note: this is not part of the multiplayer in which only one player is in the city while the others are on the other side of the river.)
Your first goal is to land at the elven sector and destroy the mallorn trees which are the source of the cities resources. After the trees are destroyed the Prince of Dol Amroth orders that the mithril gates in between the two sectors be closed.
Your second goal is to build a base to support your attack, via the bridge. You must gather enough forces on the main land and then break through the wall.
Once you break through the gate Aragorn Gimli and Legolas arrive (inside the city) along with warriors sent from the Elves(at your rear) to halt your advance.
After you overcome the reinforcements your final goal is to destroy the fortress of the map, the prince’s throne.
Men of the west Campaign Version:
Prince Barahir of Dol Amroth and two companies each of Men of the west Swordsmen and Bowmen enter the city, as the gate closes behind them the dialogue takes place.
Prince Barahir of Dol Amroth: The armies of mordor march this way, they are hot on our tail, this city must hold.
Peasant: my lord did you not encounter our riders that we sent to dispose of the army.
Prince Barahir of Dol Amroth: we found their horses as we were fleeing the armies of the enemy, they were dead.
Peasent: my lord, you must aid us in defending the princes throne from the enemy, we have no men left except for your forces.
Prince Barahir of Dol Amroth: yes, we shall defend this city!
(end of cutscene)
Resources take the form of outposts scattered around the city, your first goal is to capture these.
Once this is done you must build an army and a base.
You must defend Dol Amroth for twenty five minutes spanning a course of five increasingly large waves of Mordor troops, with the last one having corsair officer himself come to the battle.
Once twenty five minutes is up Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli come to you with the aid of the Army of the Dead (actually they did use it here in the books) and the day is won.
Units used

We will be using a combination of Men and Elven units in the defense of the fortress city of Dol Amroth. The Mordor faction will be primarily left the same as in ROTWK.

The men faction will have reskined units to fit the royal theme of Dol Amroth and a new hero;

Prince Barahir of Dol Amroth
Wisdom of the Elves(passive)- All allied warriors surrounding the prince get twice as much experience from their kills

True shot- an extremely powerful bow attack for Barahir

staff of the dunedain (passive)- at level 8 Barahir's sword changes into the staff of the dunedain giving him increased damage

Song of the Sea- at level 10 Barahir gets this power which is similar to the word of power power destroys all enemies encircling the prince within a large area

Elven units that will be used.
• Lorien Archers
• Lorien Swordsmen
• Ents
• Noldorin Marshalls (new, serve as hero unit for elves on this map)
• Noldor warriors (now weakened and in battalions of ten)
• Singer of Ulmo- equivalent of a sorcerer with water based powers build at a cool looking structure,
-replenish health (standard)
- protection of the sea (standard, thirty second invincibility)
- Call of the sea (learned at a level two structure, summons three water elementals to fight for you)
- Rage of the Sea (learned at a level three structure, creates a whirlpool that instantly kills enemys that fall into it, could use an effect similar to angmar's wind one)

This map is being applyed for hosting at TBGforum and if everyone could place a vote that would be great also we will be posting regular updates if it becomes hosted.

here is the link to the TBGForums hosting section; TBGforums

{IP}SotS (lacrossman930)

Here we go again

11 December 2007 - 11:21 PM

Name: Achadies the Dark
Side: Peloponnesian
Age: 21 (ha i can drink now)
Equipment: a bag with variouse herbs for making poisins hidden unger my black cloak. A dark balck spartan helmet. Two 18 slightly curved assasin daggers. and one katana like blade but a black metal handel instead of bamboo.
Abilities: Stratigist, Assasin (seen only when Im right in your face)
History: invented the zero and posin dart

Arothis II

09 December 2007 - 10:37 PM

Name:Arothis II
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Appearance:White hair, Green eyes, tan skin
Weapons: Axe of thunder- All black axe that is very light and makes a loud noise when it hit people its very intimidating

Like RPG's ?

07 December 2007 - 02:48 AM

Hey the best guest has opened up a new forum that he hosts RPGs on you can get yours hosted Play them discuss them. I (aka.Servant of the Shadow) am teaching mapping classes and will answer most ?'s Eldarion25 will be doing the same for modeling/texturing. also on the site is an arcade and army syetm rpg that you train units and build up your camp in pluss more. any ways its a lot of fun and another good disscustion site.

Edit:*slaps self in the face* I guess you need the link dont you CLICK OR DIE! :p