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18 October 2007 - 11:05 PM

I Have a new version it now is 1.4

cause i just forgot something in 1.3
that is that it now asks if it should overwrite once a file witht that name is already found

Download Here

Also i would like to asks if anybody here knows some AutoIt scripting
Cause i wouldnt know how to make it better bofore i get working on the standalone
that wil make this code absolete anyway ( well most part of it )

therefore im releasing it's code now ( included in download as a Au3 file can be opened with notepad )

But i would like to ask you guys to keep my name as original author in the readme
and leave the onExit function on edited

In Topic: Modbuilder Util

18 October 2007 - 08:18 AM

Welcome again guys i hope you all enjoyed the 1st version

At this moment im creating the second that begins to come at it's finishing point

Now the progress logs clears screen when one function is done so if you get error you know in what function to look

and it now has progress bar to see how far your build is also your mod builder window will now come to front when it's building Oh and before i forget the buildmod + skudef works now to

here's a screenshot

Posted Image


This version can now be your's to have
Any comment would be great

For error's in Progress log use forum to ask members theyl know what to do
Cause im still no genius :)

Hope you have fun with it

In Topic: Modbuilder Util

17 October 2007 - 03:40 PM

1ste working version is out extract both files to your mod sdk folder and open the programm

in later versions i will try to let it work without putting in in there but for now you have this

here is the link


P.S : building aswell as generating skudeff works but the button to do both doesnt net yet im afraid

but good luck with this first version

In Topic: Modbuilder Util

17 October 2007 - 11:44 AM

at this moment im using EALA's but since you said this i will go over to the edited one

Well im using a simple language called autoit very handy for automating well almost anything :good:

well i made great progress now first i couldnt get the asssetbuilder running the right way from my tool but i just got it working

now im going to do the low LOD version

and then im halfway there already