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30 July 2017 - 07:20 PM

So to allay fears that we've completely given up on the mod: we haven't, it's just been extremely quiet due to PR himself being on indefinite hiatus and myself and Ghost being busy with life. I've personally been making some further improvements to AI, and Ghost has been working on campaigns.


I am very relieved to hear this. Just wanted to add that if there is any doubt from the team whether it even matters or not at this point... I think there's still plenty of interest.The extra interest there would've been back in the days as opposed to now would've been superficial at best. The ones who were truly interested in the mod in the first place and actually play it repeatedly will probably never completely forget about it/ditch it anyway despite no longer posting or what have you.


But it is unfortunate that PR himself is no longer in the picture with him being the pioneer of it all along with his vast knowledge. I just hope that whatever is keeping him be it personal reasons or simply a lack of interest that he know that there are no obligations whatsoever. Having modded myself I know how the ties can feel like some sort of responsibility which it shouldn't... just work on it if you feel like it and if you don't then you shouldn't. I'm just thankful for all the effort that's been put in. Same goes for the rest of the team of course.