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#963937 Hi-Res Screenshot Thread

Posted by Invadious on 01 July 2014 - 05:44 PM

Part 4:


6bbd6a336192307.jpg 429773336192317.jpg 08bf09336192322.jpg 15e3e6336192329.jpg

5ace6f336192336.jpg d01d6e336192342.jpg 8f9a62336192347.jpg ccb8ba336192352.jpg 6657a1336192368.jpg 08645d336192378.jpg



#963935 Hi-Res Screenshot Thread

Posted by Invadious on 01 July 2014 - 05:43 PM

Part 3:


fcf5e6336191819.jpg 61a20a336191834.jpg 6dccd2336191846.jpg dc6d2d336191861.jpg a6006e336191881.jpg 2bf398336191905.jpg a59af1336191930.jpg aa4d46336191939.jpg a63b5b336191971.jpg 22c8e7336192001.jpg 71e9f9336192028.jpg 56db52336192063.jpg ed371a336192094.jpg 4a060d336192133.jpg 633507336192149.jpg 1cf4c5336192174.jpg 7fe676336192209.jpg db90ef336192231.jpg ca8e9d336192247.jpg da0b7a336192269.jpg 69f83a336192276.jpg b9b0ac336192285.jpg 45689c336192290.jpg c03536336192301.jpg



#963933 Hi-Res Screenshot Thread

Posted by Invadious on 01 July 2014 - 05:42 PM

Part 2:


9bfe68336191156.jpg 4b145a336191188.jpg a08afa336191209.jpg 7c80fd336191239.jpg c41f45336191270.jpg ad3c40336191294.jpg 0727e3336191316.jpg 320cb9336191334.jpg 4ef75d336191363.jpg 4346d4336191390.jpg 52a5c2336191428.jpg 550ce6336191448.jpg 13bf2c336191475.jpg 26d000336191512.jpg 46289d336191546.jpg e67553336191593.jpg c20356336191639.jpg edb767336191678.jpg a46587336191721.jpg 5296f7336191748.jpg 8ff214336191759.jpg 00c4ba336191769.jpg 53c0db336191779.jpg b8ed72336191791.jpg d5aa2b336191799.jpg



#963931 Hi-Res Screenshot Thread

Posted by Invadious on 01 July 2014 - 05:41 PM

Well, FRAPS in combination with IrfanView seems like a viable option.


To come back on my promise I have loads of screenshots. The amount of action, lasers, and explosions is plentiful in most.


Currently I have no time to find a solution on how to post them efficiently while retaining overview so I will give two options. The original images are .PNG 3840x2160 with level 9 compression. Especially the ones with the Imperial-class Star Destroyer's behindview with the Golan III Space Station in the back look absolutely stunning in 4K.


The opening post will be updated too.


Album: http://imgur.com/a/cb3Jp/all


I cannot seem to download any singular file in its original glory, but that might be due to my limited internet connection.


Individual files:

51f975336190805.jpg 273675336190815.jpg 9170b5336190831.jpg 4effb3336190844.jpg a1f2ec336190860.jpg 918f48336190878.jpg 85163b336190903.jpg 673173336190918.jpg 99d800336190930.jpg 17af4a336190942.jpg 8d11a1336190950.jpg bda78e336190967.jpg 6e238f336190975.jpg 95a0f0336190984.jpg 292cff336190996.jpg 6cd4fe336191009.jpg bb70c7336191026.jpg 12a71b336191034.jpg 5a8697336191046.jpg 781d1c336191057.jpg d3c112336191068.jpg 8a4519336191075.jpg 2c5b4c336191085.jpg 0921fa336191107.jpg 316553336191128.jpg