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AI Infantrie

17 November 2015 - 06:25 PM

First I like to say, That I realy like your mod.
Very nice units and details.

But there is one thing that just enoys me.
That is the AI will build more Tanks than Infantrie.
Is there are a way that I can make sure the AI will build more Infantrie than Tanks instead?
Because Infantrie battles are more likley ww2 based.
Also if you ask me, it will bring more skill to the game.

Also the very nice maps you made will have more accuracy and challange.
Clearing street, Hold soms squirs, make raily points, if the ennemy breaches.
So the Jeeps and Trucks, will be used more instead.
And if the ennmey is using tanks you have to be sure you have some armor ready instead to.
Or the right Infatrie to make sure the get the job done.


Second little qeustion is.
When do you think the Naval units will be ready to play?
I realy like the idea to make Omaha Beach a live again :)