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AI not upgrading?

26 October 2008 - 01:47 PM

I know I'm not the only one who wishs the AI upgrades for often. I've come up with some ideas that might help. I herd somewere else on the forums that the AI picks what to build by comparing stats to price, obviously seeing nothings built the AI has little reason to upgrade.

I've come up with an idea:
When a unit is upgraded, the same unit at that upgrade level is created. This gives the AI a reason to upgrade ships if upgrading on its own creates a ship.


A couple of GC ideas.

04 September 2008 - 07:38 PM

Maybe a GC set right after Endor, it seems a little weird to me that the GCs jump from 18BBY to 9ABY (is that right?) The Rebelion would start with Endor and the planets that revolted afterwards such as Naboo. The victory contiton for the Rebelion would be to take Coruscant while the Empire would have to take and hold sevral key locations or kill certian heros such as Mon Mothma or Luke.

Just throwing it out there.

Also is there anyway, in Operation Shadowhand for Leia to convert Luke back? Like she does in The Dark Empire books/comic?

Stupid AI...

02 September 2008 - 10:49 AM

Just before I went on holiday my internet explorer crashed and for some reason deleated most of my files in FoC, so when I got back I had to reinstall it and re-download PR.


(in order of installation)
I've got PR
Dalmps addon Pack
Zarkins AI mod
PR Enhanced (not ship packs)
And my own small addon.

The AI keeps sending groups of ground units (and only ground units) into space battles. My idea is the AI thinks my planets are neutral for some reason.

Any advise?


05 August 2008 - 05:17 PM

I checked the XML, its in there but its got >< ether side of it.
Is there a reason for this? Is it surpossed to be left out?

Small Mod for PR I'm doing.

02 July 2008 - 12:04 AM

I downloaded the various mini-mods and patchs for PR before I started on this so when its finshed and up, anybody wishing to download it will probably have to download them 1st.


The small changes I intend to work out are:
Changing the AI so they don't get money and ship beifets on higher difficultys (just smarter)-Done
Changing popuation (at the moment its 70, but thats a bit high so I'm open to surgestions)-Done(But still open to surgestions)
Removing build limits off all land buildings apart from mining facilitys.-Done
Changing the grassion units for space stations and Golans(numbers stay the same). -Done.

The garrison forces for Golans and Space stations have been edited as follows:
SS1-Headhunters, Y-Wings, Space tug-CT11/ TIE Starfighters, TIE Targeters, Space Tug-CT11
SS2- X Wings, Y-Wings, Space tug-CT12/TIE Starfighters, TIE Bombers, Space Tug-CT12
SS3- X Wings, Y-Wings, Space tug-CT13/TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, Space Tug-CT13
SS4- A Wings, Y-Wings, Space tug-CT14/TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, Space Tug-CT14
SS5- A Wings, B-Wings, Space tug-CT15/TIE Intercepters, TIE Bombers, Space Tug-CT15
Golan1-HeadHunters/TIE Starfighters
Golan2-X Wings/TIE Fighters
Golan3-A Wings/Tie Intercepters

All units are in the most basic stat with no upgrades apart from the obvious:
TIE Fighters (TIE Star Fighters with one research)
TIE Bombers (TIE Targeters with one research)
Space Tugs (upgraded as show)
A wings, B Wings and Intercepters will not be upgraded from there prototypes for now, but this may change.

Obviously all this is up for discussion.

The reason I'm just doing a little few things that anyone who can do basic edits with XMLs is for a number of reasons:
1.I'm on summer break so I've got nothing to do during the week apart from at the weekends so its just killing time.
2.What I'm doing may be easy but takes up quite a bit of time, atleast if I'm doing it now its saving someone else the trouble.
3. Most of all what I'm doing now is slowly teaching myself how XMLs work, what I'm doing now I could use later on with other projects.

I intend to use this as a starting point. Maybe later on, after my current goals are complete I'll start work on other bits and peices. I've always though the game could use some Royal Guard, Trainable Wookies. I might work on the idea under discussion in the other thread about certain ships buildable at certain planets only. Who knows, eventally I might end up adding other ships into the game.

Thats all for now.

EDIT: I'm also avalible if anyone else requires any help with other projects.

EDIT2: Finshed, file uploaded, for now I'll take a bit of break and just play the game. I checked to see if it works with save games but the only one I've got is half way though a battle so I don't know if it'll handle GC. I kept some buildings at a build limit of 2, but no unit protuction centers (apart from Officer Acadamys).Any bugs and I'm happy to hear of them.