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In Topic: how to add GLA airfield

11 August 2009 - 12:37 PM

The GLA airfield model lacks the helper bones that enable it to be an airfield. And the layout is wrong for an airfield. It will not work. I have tried it. You can use it with the aircraft carrier style modules if you add aircraft carrier bones, but you cannot use it as an airfield.

See my mod in which i changed it into a working airfield for demo general, had to rearrange the layout to be similar to American airfield:

In Topic: Patriot Mechanics

11 August 2009 - 12:35 PM

> By the by, are you the beng who made the laser mod? (Beng's Laser mod)

Yes, the latest version is laser demo nuke mod version 3:

> I'm new in this area of modding, but could you just give the "crate" the same kindof tags as the patriot or does it have to be the same unit/structure?

No, it has to be the exact same object, not same kindof. For example superweapon general patriots and air force general patriots are exactly the same except the name is different, so they will not assist each other.

I tried to do something very similar to this to make SAM sites. I planned to use a huge radar dome object which has several invisible objects inside it(like overlord tank having structures in it) which are relying positions of enemy aircraft to the missile batteries. So that would surely be a SAM site. If you destroy the radar dome, the missile batteries wouldn't work. Also with tihs way, you had to place the patriot batteries close to your radar dome objects so that you wouldn't place those patriot units near your enemy's base. But i couldn't do it. Anyway, i don't understand one thing in Beng's solution. In SCUD storm or Battleship, the targets are fields of areas, not something spesific like an aircraft. So how woluld it be done with Beng's solution not to attack ground but to attack a spesific target.

Just change the command button options to require a target enemy object instead of NEED_TARGET_POS. Download my laser demo nuke mod and try Laser burton's strategy center bombardment button. It is a modified battleship power that fires the strategy center gun at any object on the map that burton tells it to target, including flying helicopters.

In Topic: Upgrade to Supply Center

11 August 2009 - 12:25 PM

AutoDepositUpdate cannot take a TriggeredBy line, what made you think it could?

In Topic: Modding Q&A

11 August 2009 - 12:14 PM

Using GarrisonContain for vehicles and tunnel network bug

I saw in a scrren shot of your contra mod that you have technicals with infantry garrisoned inside using firebase style garrisoning. I had done the same thing in my mod (Laser Demo Nuke mod) but i found that when any object using garrison contain enters a tunnel network and then exits it, the occupants become invisible, and when you exit them from the vehicle they become invisible and sty where you exited them. They can shoot at enemies but they cannot take damage, so they cannot be killed.

Did you find the same bug and did you find a way to fix it? I had to revert my technicals to TransportContain.

Similarly my Burton was wble to carry 1 infantry inside him using firebase style garrisoning so he could for example carry a worker across a river to build a tunnel on the other side. However i had the same problem when i had a garrisoned Burton go inside my tardis (basically a teleporting tunnel network) and exit again - the infantry became invisible and unselectable when exited.

Now i only use garrison contain for things that cannot go inside tunnel networks.

A related bug is when a cargo plane carrying units for a paradrop becomes unmanned (like sniped by Jarmen) - the units inside become in limbo and can shoot but cannot be shot. I therefore had to stop letting Jarmen snipe aircraft to make them unmanned. Now his snipe bullets will stun aircraft causing them to crash and explode.

In Topic: AI for ZH

04 April 2009 - 09:36 AM


It will mess up your mod and it cannot be uninstalled.

Instead of distributig his mod as a BIG file, he used an EXE installer which extracts a bunch of SCB and Data\INI files which will overwrite the existing ones in your ZH game directory.

I just lost months of work on my mod because it overwrote my ini files! And there is no way to uninstall it, and it does not make backups of the files it overwrites. You can't even get back the original SCB files without reinstalling the game from CD!