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2 questions about texture and hero swapping

21 January 2016 - 11:36 PM

hello everyone,




I made a new balrog skin. I made an asset dat and i use -mod command. The texture is in a folder called DR.

But it doesnt change in game. what am i doing wrong?

ModelConditionState = NONE ; Not DefaultConditionState, because that keyword copies anything in here to every other state
Model = MUBalLIT_SKN ;MUBalrog_SKN
; ParticleSysBone = SWORD BalrogSwordFlare FollowBone:yes ; Not SWORDBONE, because SWORD is the bone that gets art-hidden mid animation in WIPX
; ParticleSysBone = SWORD BalrogSwordEmbers FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = MANEBONE BalrogManeFlare FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = MANEBONE BalrogManeEmbers FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = MANEBONE BalrogManeFire FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = RTWINGBONE BalrogWingSmokeLite FollowBone:yes
; ParticleSysBone = LFWINGBONE BalrogWingSmokeLite FollowBone:yes

Texture = DreadBalrog.tga 



A new hero in my mod can transform into a balrog. They level up together. when the balrog is level 7 if i switch to my hero it is level 7 as well.

But whenever i switch it resets the cooldowns of skills. And if i die as balrog i cant summon my hero.


I use below code for transforming

  Behavior = SpecialPowerModule ModuleTag_HorseToggleStarter                      
  SpecialPowerTemplate = SpecialAbilityKaryanBalrogMounted
  UpdateModuleStartsAttack = Yes
  StartsPaused = No
;InitiateSound = FellBeastVoiceMove

Behavior = ToggleMountedSpecialAbilityUpdate ModuleTag_HorseToggle
  SpecialPowerTemplate    = SpecialAbilityKaryanBalrogMounted
  MountedTemplate = FireForm
  SynchronizeTimerOnSpecialPower = SpecialAbilityCurseEnemy SpecialAbilityScreech
  UnpackTime              = 1
  PreparationTime         = 0 ; none, cause we hop onto our mount in no time at all :)
  PackTime                = 0  ; none, cause we hop onto our mount in no time at all :)
  OpacityTarget = .0 ; How see-thru to be at peak of change
  AwardXPForTriggering    = 0
  IgnoreFacingCheck = Yes
;TriggerSound = FellBeastVoiceMove

Tunnel Network

19 January 2016 - 10:13 AM

Hello everyone,


I made a new building for Angmar and I used below code from Dwarven MineShaft.


It is working fine but i couldn't managed to increase the total number of units that can get inside.


I changed ContainMax to 13 but still it acts like it is 5.


I changed the commandset of the building accordingly it has 13 slots + sell option. I can see the empty slots too.


Behavior = TunnelContain ModuleTag_Contain
  ObjectStatusOfContained = UNSELECTABLE ENCLOSED
  ContainMax               = 13
  DamagePercentToUnits     = 0%
; Slots                                = 13 
  AllowEnemiesInside = No
AllowAlliesInside = Yes
AllowNeutralInside = No
AllowOwnPlayerInsideOverride = Yes
  NumberOfExitPaths        = 1 ; Defaults to 1.  Set 0 to not use ExitStart/ExitEnd, set higher than 1 to use ExitStart01-nn/ExitEnd01-nn
PassengerBonePrefix      = PassengerBone:ARROW_ KindOf:INFANTRY
EntryPosition = X:0.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
EntryOffset = X:0.0 Y:-10.0 Z:0.0
ExitOffset = X:0.0 Y:-80.0 Z:0.0
EnterSound = RuinedTowerEnterSound
KillPassengersOnDeath = No
ShowPips = No
ExitDelay = 0






Adding different special pwoers

18 January 2016 - 12:28 AM

Hello everyone,


this is just an example;


I gave word of power abilty to Balrog. i was just testing some new things


when i use the abilty, balrog starts the Breath animation. I couldnt change this animation.


i want balrog to use ignite animation when its preparing to use word of power skill.


could you please let me know how to chose the preparing animation when i use a new skill.
for example when i give this abilty to karsh (or any other abilty) hes doing the Whisper of Death animation.

asset.dat builder

17 January 2016 - 04:56 PM

Hello everyone,


I was using AssetCacheBuilder when i add new skins or w3d files. bu sadly it was working on Windows XP.


I know some people are using -mod commands but i will have no clue hot to use it :)


The reason why i liked AssetCacheBuilder is you could directly add the thing you want into the original file.


I found some of my old mods and iwas wondering if someone could help me with asset.dat


Best Regards,