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Where to start...well I guess I'll say firstly that I am an avid reader of fantasy novels; so far, I love the works of writers Robert Jordan, David Eddings, Elizabeth Haydon, Raymond E. Feist, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien. I have been reading books catered to a crowd that varies from 30-upwards years of age since I was about seven, and also writing rather inspired 'books' since I was six. Likewise, now that I am fourteen, I write things on a much grander and complicated scale, although I have yet to finish any of the four main projects I have begun, for the first three were not what I intended when I told myself I wished to write a book, and now the fourth one is the real result; a world I love and know fully already.
Progress on that continues slowly due to resting and catching up on assignments and other stuff, although I am greatly pleased so far.


Some regard me as a very intelligent and selfless person, and others see me as arrogant and selfish; really though, the truth is you either love me or you hate me. I am lazy; I admit that openly, but many see me as very helpful also. All I do aside from schoolwork is sit at home either reading books from my 'library', playing a huge assortment of games, watching T.V (mainly movies) or just lieing down somewhere thinking. About what? Who knows......I day-dream a lot and I consider many things beautiful and some things ugly and can find out things that few others can. I dont have any form of mental disease, but I do have mental irregularities and it's also unstable in some ways, and apparently I think differently....according to pretty much everyone I meet......but the truth is I absolutely abhor being different. I've always been teased at school or had people stare at me as I walk past...why though I wonder? I look at least four years younger than I am, I have a girlish face and brown curly hair, and a very deep voice, also aside from eing very tall, but I still don't see my physical appearance as a proper reason; which leads me back to my thinking differently. I guess most people can read difference quite capably, and thus humanities' xenophobia makes me alienated.


Enough about what I am, I'll say what my favourite things are. My favourite games range from Bioshock, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Battle for Middle-Earth 'trilogy', Fable: The Lost Chapters, Doom 3, Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, Warhammer Online, Kingdom Hearts II (yes; have your laugh), Final Fantasy X (sigh; I miss the good old days), Warcraft 3 and the Frozen Throne (good old days indeed), etc, etc. It goes on for so long......
My most loved movies are; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Hitman, The Star Wars Saga, Titan A.E, The Dark Knight, Iron-Man, Lord of War, Advent Children, the X-Men trilogy, Wall-E, pretty much every Adam Sandler movie, Troy, 300 and many others.
As for books; don't even make me start.


As you may likely see, I have a love for the 'epic' types of movies, and for fantasies filled with sadness and battle. Heroic deeds always have made me either cry in joy (or sadness), or revel in happiness. My musical tastes are wide, for I am not limited to genres, although I have a definitive liking for the orchestral types.


Do you think I'm different? I hope not; I won't change the way I am, but I want to fit in. I like talking and writing as well, so if you want me to construct something in those manners, just give me a call.

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