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Custom map won't transfer to friend

20 February 2016 - 12:49 AM

I've got this custom map, its called Harbor_Warfare. And when me and a buddy of mine want to start the game. It says transferring map. But it keeps getting stuck at 99%.


Someone knows how to fix this issue?


Greets Jeffrey

Adding custom maps in Tiberium Wars

17 February 2016 - 08:07 AM

So me and my buddy have been playing Tiberium Wars since we were teenagers. 


Had butt loads of fun with it, but got a little bored with the standard skirmish maps. So my buddy downloaded the map 'Harbor Warfare'.


Again we had a great time for months. But then the years passed and we stopped playing. Found other games to play. 


Recently we started playing again. So we logged in, but there was an error. Little did we know, the servers had been shut down. 

So we discovered Revora had put some servers online. With an nice interface in which we could hook the game and play like we were used to.


After some messin' around with the login finally it came through. So we tried to find the map 'Harbor Warfare' in the list containing the maps.

But it was not in there, as well as all the other maps. Maybe that has something to do with choosing with how many people you wish to play?.

Also after some research, I found out it was supposed to be in the Documents And Settings. Still no luck as it didn't gave me access.


Maybe someone has an idea?



Thanks in advance (: