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In Topic: Code Reference

27 August 2020 - 11:35 PM

I'm coming late to praising this thread party, but.... OMG this is amazing!!!

In Topic: Problems with Passive abilities

15 August 2020 - 08:13 PM

I meant the commandbutton that you use in your commandset, it should look like this:

CommandButton Command_BolgDreadVisage
	Command                 = SPECIAL_POWER
	SpecialPower            = SpecialAbilityFakeLeadership
	NeededUpgrade		= Upgrade_ObjectLevel3
	TextLabel               = CONTROLBAR:DreadVisage
	ButtonImage             = HSNazgulDreadVisage
	RadiusCursorType        = TrainingRadiusCursor
	ButtonBorderType        = ACTION
	DescriptLabel           = CONTROLBAR:ToolTipWitchKingDreadVisage
	InPalantir		= Yes

And then, in your commandset.ini

CommandSet BolgCommandSet
	1 	= Command_ToggleStance
	2 	= Command_BolgDreadVisage
	12 	= Command_CaptureBuilding	
	13 	= Command_AttackMove
	14 	= Command_Stop
	16  = Command_SetStanceBattle
	17  = Command_SetStanceAggressive
	18  = Command_SetStanceHoldGround

EDIT: Make sure that the NeededUpgrade option in your commadbutton matches the upgrade you use to unpause the special ability in your hero ini. If you end up using another upgrade, like "Upgrade_BolgDreadVisage" both the commandbutton.ini and your hero ini should use that upgrade instead. 


The thing with SpecialAbilityFakeLeadership is that sometimes, most of the times in my xp, it does the technical work of coordinating the unpausing of an ability but it doesn't update the commandset, i.e., the button in the palantir remains greyed out despite you already getting the required upgrades. That's why you have to manually update the commandbutton, just to tell "hey, i got my ability ready"

In Topic: Taking already existing units and making them buildable

15 August 2020 - 02:18 AM

Not sure about age of the ring, but basically, when you want to recruit a horde from a building, you need the command button for it. In vanilla, you need to upgrade the spider pit in order to purchase the spider riders, that's because in the command button specifies it so. You can create a new command button to recruit spider riders, and then add that command button to the command set of the building in which you want to buy them

In Topic: Problems with Passive abilities

15 August 2020 - 02:14 AM

Welcome back!

If I remember correctly, usually the button for dread visage requires the NEED_UPGRADE option and the respective NeededUpgrade field

In Topic: Unpacking bfme1 castle in bfme2

13 August 2020 - 06:28 AM

For what is worth, I recently made an implementation of a bfme1-style camp through an OCL. I haven't tried with castles though, but maybe this could help you.






malvapolis.ini (I'm not even close to being sorry for that file name)



weapon.ini (Basically, a self-destruct for when the keep is destroyed)



armor.ini (in order for the self-destruct to work)



Edit: I gave the keep some abilities, feel free to ignore them. I know this is not what you want, but maybe later on the development of what you're working on, this OCL approach might result useful. Good luck and happy modding!