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#1026838 [Tiberium Wars] Launch issue through C&C Online Launcher

Posted by mjsummers on 08 March 2016 - 03:22 AM

Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not support the anti-copy protection that the disc version of these games use. See this; Windows Update KB3086255 breaks C&C! (in relation to Windows 10).

If you need to use the disc version, you will have to try the solution in that topic (I've not tested that) or look for a solution for that on the internet. If it's possible for you, I would recommend that you use the Origin version now.


I just uninstalled the disc version w/o removing the Origin version and now the C&C Online Launcher doesn't detect the Origin version which is also installed (separate folder from the disc version).


Will I have to re-install the launcher for it to detect the version from Origin?



Fixed my latest issue, after uninstalling the disc version of the title I had to re-run the C&C Online Setup and select the repair option for it to detect the Origin Version, which should allow me to play Kane's Wrath again :)