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In Topic: Super Units and Hero units to be Map Marked

14 February 2011 - 05:17 PM

if the units are marked when i press my "Ctrl + H" (hero select hey) will it alternative between the multiple heroes i have or no?

In Topic: Nuke is impenetrable?

14 February 2011 - 11:51 AM

In short you need to play on a 1v1 map or 2v2 map if thats not a possiblity you still need to BE AGREESIVE take a look at some of the replays Ive posted in my topics and check those out.

please provide a replay

In Topic: Fan art section

13 February 2011 - 05:09 AM

New Render !!

Posted Image

In Topic: Remix Escalation Suggestion

13 February 2011 - 02:22 AM

@masterZH , the only reason "No one plays" is because you avoid playing with me due to my Skill...Which i think is pretty unfair.

Thats is not true :p
1.You sad first that you are looking for advanced players and i never played new version mp or even remix for 1 or more years...
2.As you can find on hamachi topic i am looking for any1 from 05 March 2008 and i mean any1!!! (not every day but frequently)
3.You are very adaptable player and right now you will lose every time you try because i have no tactics or experience with remix :p

You know "adapting to fighting a weaker player" is just using more experimental stratagies 8)

Yes i wanna fight a more advanced player but your the only one there other then the 2 Chinese guys that play

And it appears the Mod leaders never wanna play >_>

In Topic: Remix Escalation Suggestion

12 February 2011 - 04:32 PM

Make sure to add the hotkeys to units buildings and defenses come back , when your in higher skill games Hotkeys are a near game breaking neceescity and id like them returned to the game please.

I suggest using the .str system , i know its alot of recoding but it will allow players to customize there own hotkeys in game without mismatches so they can have there own style. Its alot more stable and easier to edit overall to, On top of this .str supports alot more launguages that CSF can not and you avoid corruption of the file to :p

For tournament mode , remove the Limits on WFs and Barracks and Airfields or at least increase them to a solid 3 to prevent Turtling becoming the easiest way to dominate. , Why Unlimit the amount of defenses to prevent the attacks but limit the amount of units you can build?

Heres an example here where i Litteraly hold of a Double team (Thou it was technicaly suppose to be a FFA) because defense spamming was near limitless while Warfactories and AFs and Barracks are.
(I quit because of an arguement i got into with the players in-game)
Attached File  FFAdoubleteam.rar   61.55KB   18 downloads

and another one (Played by Zeke (GenerationX leader) and Master ZH while i observered) while the buildings were unlimited the battles managed fine and AFG eventhou vastly Outnumbered push infantry general back despite the lack of limits on buildings.

the battle was much more action packed to , even more so then that FFA.

Attached File  0remix.rar   19.09KB   19 downloads


@masterZH , the only reason "No one plays" is because you avoid playing with me due to my Skill...Which i think is pretty unfair.