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RA2: Armageddon has a surprise for you!

08 January 2005 - 07:49 PM

Ok some of you know me, some of you don't. I thought you would like to see 3 renders and 1 ingame shot. Ok the renders are: The Allied Construction Yard, the Soviet Warfactory, and a new weapon: Ramjet Sniper Rifle. The ingame shot is of the RSR (Ramjet Sniper Rifle).


Allied Construction Yard

Ramjet Sniper Rifle

Soviet Warfactory

Ingame shot:

Ramjet Sniper Rifle

On top of this we need members:
  • Coders
  • Mappers
  • Character Modelers
  • Weapon Modelers
  • Vehicle Modelers
  • Skinners
  • 2D/3D artists (other than skinners)
  • And anything else I left out
You can e-mail me here. Or contact me on MSN Messenger at: TankMaster@gmail.com. Hope I hear from you guys soon.

Edit: Forgot to include the sites address: http://ra2a.unleashed.ws/.

ALW is leaving.

12 December 2004 - 03:22 AM

Due to not getting support, being ignored, and other reasons, the team and I have decided to switch to another host. So you can delete the ALW forums, site, ftp, etc. If you do care where our new location is, here is the link: http://ra2a.unleashed.ws/. We have also renamed ourselfs, again. We decided for several reasons why to leave, two are above. If you don't think thats enough here are others: When something gets big or too big, other things get ignored (and one is my mod and I post almost daily). Another is I personaly don't think that the merger should have happened. It was great till the two merged into Revora. That is my opinion though. There are more reasons, but I feel I don't have to explain them to you. You can easily find the reasons why yourself, unless you are a complete idiot. It was not so much a blast being here, more incompatent in ways, so I am leaving on "a not so good note". Sorry, but it had to happen. I just hope you people can figure out a reason that was not stated and hopefuly fix it.

-The whole Red Alert 2: Armageddon (Red Alert 2: Allies Last War) team says good bye.

BTW, if you think we left on a really sour note, get over it. We are not a dead mod, we just prefered to move.

C&C Font

15 August 2004 - 03:10 AM

Nav... told me there was a C&C font somewhere. Does anyone know where? This is for a banner for RA2: ALS. I have the UT (font they also used in UT 2004) font, I just need a C&C one.