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New Models

13 March 2010 - 01:09 AM

Creator here are the models as promised,
I'll have a render with some suggestions on top for each:

The first one, I got bored of the USA Laser general's Laser commanche firing lasers from rocket pods :p, so I decided to make something more "appropriate" which in this model are two prisms located next to the choppers sensors in front, the chopper uses an advanced jet engine:
Posted Image

The second one, USA Cyber General's A-20 gunship, to replace the original A-10 which looks kinda odd considering the other high tech weaponry of this general's arsenal:
Posted Image

The third one, China Flame General's final reinforcement power, I called it Ifrit, It's a metal dragon (and for those of you that are going to rush, yes it's based on Yoji Shinkawa's Design ;) ) I thought of it hovering above the ground, using a flamethrower as weapon, and when thermobaric mixtures upgrade is purchased it is swicthed to a thermobaric fireball:
Posted Image

The fourth one, is a Hovering Modular Tank (H.M.T.) it comes without a gun and then you can purchase it's weaponry (just like overlords additional turrets) In the render i have it with a plasma gun (just like plasma paladin), i have another version with a normal cannon, each gun replacement also changed the back of the hovercraft which houses the ammunition (in the render there are two plasma tubes, in the gun version i have ammunition/shell boxes):
Posted Image

The fifth one, is USA SuperWeapon general's advanced APC, which has two point defence turrets on top, and can carry 4 soldiers:
Posted Image

The sixth one, is Cyber General's Blizzard (as I call it), it is a floating mech which has two laser blasters:
Posted Image

I'll have to say that textures are not finished yet, since what you see here are textures without light reflections baked inside the texture, so it looks like "plain colour" :evgr:
I'm currently working on damaged and destroyed statuses.... All models are below 1300 polies =)

So what do you think ?

Laser Gunship

27 February 2010 - 04:15 PM

The model is ready and almost skinned... If you want to take a look, contact me ;)