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In Topic: Obama Wins!

11 November 2008 - 10:07 PM

Silent_Killa: You can hardly blame Obama for your wages getting cut, considering it wasn't him who put them into force. I too find it quite ironic that Dubya would ask so much of you then not give you the money to do it with, however it's nothing new. The British MoD have made so many budget cuts in the last twenty years that I'm gobsmacked that we even have a military at all. Ask my parents. My dad got made redundant. Redundant from the army! It was unthinkable at the time! At one point it was a job for life. Now it's barely even paid well enough to be called a job.

Maybe you shouldn't talk about stuff you have no idea about. The Marine Corps has been better funded under Bush than anybody in can remember. I might not like him, but that's one good decision he made.

I think others have pretty much covered my point about far left and far right, so I won't add to it too much.

In Topic: Obama Wins!

07 November 2008 - 02:39 PM

Obama is not a socialist, or far-left, or left at all. He's more centre than what you're used to. Furthermore, it would be difficult to get socialist policies through anyway, even with the Democrats in charge of the house, as most Democrats are more right than he is.

That's because your ideas of socialism are most likely full blown communism. The American economy hasn't been far right since it's founding. The two sides are no control and total control, right now we're a lot closer to total control than no control.

Why the hell are black people going to be given rewards? Just because you have a black president doesn't mean he's suddenly going to favour black people to such as extent.

It's not a reward, it's 'reparations, read your history books.

You pay check is not going to be cut in half. Obama is not redistributing the wealth, he is merely giving tax breaks to the poor as opposed to the rich, which is only fair in my view (and I also believe people earn their wages, so this is fine as long as it doesn't change things drastically). We're not talking staggering changes in income, we're not going to see equal wealth (a proper socialist goal). America is the so-called Land of Opportunity, yet how are the poor meant to take up opportunities if they can't afford to whilst the class-gap widens as the rich get richer?

I'm a marine, my paycheck will be cut (it's in the works), my gear will suck, I'll have trouble getting a pencil let alone PPE and optics.

The Government are never going to try to take guns away unfortunately.

Ah yes, what a wonderful world where only outlaws have guns. His plan is to ban pistols and assault rifles, and to allow us to have a shotgun and a rifle... which can't be kept in your home. I hope someone breaks into your house.

Fuck Barack, I hope his head gets split by an assassin's bullet.

I don't even know what to say to this sort of thing. You're worse than the people who support this man. First off it wouldn't solve anything, second off in the long run it does more harm than good. It's best that the American people see what is to come, and figure out it doesn't work.

In Topic: Obama Wins!

07 November 2008 - 05:32 AM

Great, so now we're socialists

Black people will get their 40 acres or whatever the hell Jesse Jackson wants for now

My pay will be cut in half, my gear will suck, and I'll probably get shot in the head

The government will try to take Texas' guns away... Emphasis on try

The democrats will have no one left to blame

Should be a fun four years. I'm going to go find something tall to jump off of.

In Topic: Oh the US education system....

07 April 2008 - 07:04 AM

We need stupid people, they do the manual labor while smart people manage it. The only problem with the system is it's not allowed to tell people they're stupid anymore, so they go to college anyways. Can you really blame democrats for this? Not really, just political correctness run amok, which can be associated with liberalism, but isn't really directly connected.