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In Topic: MO 3.3 // Feedback & Suggestions (Balance, New Features, Modifications etc.)

Yesterday, 10:06 AM

No, because the amount of colors that each loading screen uses is very limited and I want the gradients on those to look good. In MO each cameo has its own palette too, since they're all pcx files, so it would look even worse if you had even one on a loading screen now.

In Topic: MO 3.3 // Game Bugs

20 July 2017 - 01:17 PM

imbagila the mission does say you shouldn't cause pointless civilian-destroying havoc or the enemy will hunt you down.

In Topic: MO 3.3 // Game Bugs

19 July 2017 - 10:29 PM

Thanks for posting all these bug reports everyone, keep them coming!

In Topic: MO 3.3 // Campaign, Cooperative & Challenge Discussion

18 July 2017 - 10:45 AM

There's a whole lot of Oil Derricks in that mission, I hope you're capturing them.

In Topic: Patch 3.3.2 Proposed Changelog

15 July 2017 - 10:41 AM

Since we don't have briefings for post-18th missions..

Relentless takes place after Obsidian Sands, and basically, the Scorpion Cell forces are under Yuri's control after he destroyed their leader at that point.