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Trouble with Zoom on certain campaign battles/maps

24 March 2016 - 04:51 PM

   I've installed several mods onto my BFME game and some of the mods seem to be conflicting with the zoom of the camera because on certain maps what would be the farthest you could zoom in on the map in an un-modded/no edit to zoom settings is the farthest you can zoom out for certain maps like helms deep. The mods I've installed are: the Hero Mod, Deezire's Extended Edition, Kings of the West version 1.3, the Dwarf Holds, Elven Alliance Community Edition 1.3, and Shadow and Flame but I don't have it targeted on the shortcut I use to launch the game. There is also options on the side when on a campaign mission or battle where the spells/powers that are general's view, commanders view, unit view, ground view, etc. I think that whatever mod I installed that added that in (possibly Extended Edition?) is the one that's conflicting with advanced zoom out. I have the advanced zoom out at 2x (ultra zoom) and changing that does nothing.

How do I play mods with the BFME Online edition?

22 March 2016 - 05:45 PM

I just installed BFME Online Edition and I've been trying to play the mods I installed Such as BFME extended edition and every time I click on the shortcut created by the mod it brings me to the T3A Online launcher and when I launch the game the mod isn't activated. Same with The Elven Alliance Community Edition 1.3, Shadow and Flame, and The Dwarf Holds. I was also wondering how I could play with all of these mods activated at the same time.