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Sound interesting? Char's mod of awesomness

29 March 2011 - 09:33 AM

Greetings scarce UaW modding brethren! Today i bring you my personal mod (that me and about another 15 friends enjoy playing almost weekly in lan parties) to see if anyone is interested in using it, playing us and of course give us an opinion on things you´d like changed or added to it. This with the purpose of course, if you find it as enjoyable as we do, to create a gaming community around it (we play the mod over tunngle with great results).

This is not only a personal balance mod, but a mod that makes some game rules and perceptions very different than what they are in the original game. While there aren´t any new textures or units added, changes are deep enough for this to play very differently from the retail UaW. My friends and i have been balancing and playing this mod for over 4 months now, all three factions are much more unique (as if they weren´t unique enough before :)) we feel the game pretty balanced at the time but please, if you find that some changes would make the mod better please tell.

And with nothing more to add i give you the information on what the mod changes.

Char's Mod of Awesomness

Overall changes:

-Every unit in the game is somehow scaled differently. We hated the fact that each faction was made out of giants and so, now most infantry is scaled closely to normal humans. Some units are as tall as the humans in game and in comparison with cars and buildings (such as ohm robots and disciples) while some are scaled bigger in order to look towering and large in comparison to the other infantry (Blade troopers, grunts and Charos are huge but still smaller than before. In the same way Vehicles are scaled to human vehicle proportions and in the same way there are some that are huge (such as the peacebringer and of course, every walker unit out there).

-Following the same line of thinking as last point's, the range of zoom in game is now much greater (you can see very far away from the map and very close, very Supreme Commander like)in order to see the detail in all units. It also makes battles in our opinion look much more amazing.

-Most units pop cost was lowered, so that there may be bigger armies in the now bigger maps (because of the scaling)

Language modding

28 March 2011 - 07:53 AM

Greetings modding brethren! I come now to ask for help in changing Universe at War's Language to french and spanish.

See, in the need of expanding the community for such a great game i´m trying to attract some of my friends to it. The thing is that while there exist official language patches for both french and spanish (these friends can´t read english)they don´t seem to work for patch 2 and 3. I already play with my own balance mod for the game (if anyone wants to try it, please be my guest =) ) under patch 3 and i would like very much for them to be able to play it as well in their own language.

I already have the different languague text files (.MEGs)that came with the official patches, so what i had in mind was just changing the file that indicates where the game will read the text from but i can´t seem to find it (i´m betting it is in the config.meg but i can´t seem to find the file). Please brethren aid me and you will surely win a place in Valhalla along with indisputable honor and wisdom! Any help will be truely appreciated!