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#1035780 Big Problem with my mod

Posted by Easterling26 on 06 August 2016 - 03:51 AM

Hi Before.


No my mod is/was for Rise of the Witch King.

The reason why I chose the Rise of Witch King was

because of Angmar and Arnor. My addon/mod was only

supposed to rework and complete Arnor but then I started

to work on Rhun,Harad,Rohan and on the Hobbits.


Yeah two years is a long time but I am the only one working on my mod.


I might be able to solve these problems but it will take some time.

I was pretty close to a stable release but then this problem occured.

The pictures you saw were only for testing purposes but if you would like to see

some of my work just let me know and I will upload some pictures.

#1035646 Big Problem with my mod

Posted by Easterling26 on 04 August 2016 - 12:55 PM

Thanks for both of your answers!


I think it would be a lot easier to start from scratch rather then

to fix all the errors. It would probably take longer than the

actual modding work.


I will probably start from scratch.

Is it however possible to keep files such as art folder with all the W3ds and the textures?

And I could still use my codes for my buildings like for my Easterling Fortress ?

I dont think that they use any of the dirty codes.


If I could keep those files, it would be a lot faster to reach my current stage of progress.

All I would have to do is set up my mod and just edit the command sets and the command buttons.

I really dont know if that would work but maybe you guys have an answer for me here.

#1035572 Big Problem with my mod

Posted by Easterling26 on 03 August 2016 - 01:34 PM

Hello everyone.


As the tilte already says I have a huge problem with my mod.

I think that this problem cannot be solved.


First I will explain what the actual problem is.

When I began to work on my mod I did not

notice that for some reason my game had changed

the language.


My mod is/was based on a very old mod.

The mod had been not finished so I thought

I could finish it and make it even bigger because nobody seemed

to care about that mod anymore.


Now my mod had already taken shape and everything seemed to work perfectly

until I found a lot of "dirty codes". By that I mean that the previous mod author

had left a lot of unfinished codes and other stuff making the game very unstable and even causing it

to crash.I started to notice that the ran very laggy until it would crash then and the more I added to the game the more worse it became.

This is probably also the reason why the language got changed.

Not only does it look and sound stupid when all the text is english and

the voices are german, it is also very game breaking, it kills the feeling of the game


I think that it is also my fault that my mod is in this situation at the moment.

I should have checked if there were any unfinished codes.

I need some advice from you guys now.


Should I start from scratch and build my mod on a clean game

or should I try to fix all the errors and continue with this addon

for the old mod?


I think fixing all the errors would just take too long. I would need

to translate everything in the lotr string file back to German because

my game is German and I would have to go through all the files and clean



Did anyone have a similar problem like me  before? If so would be the best solution here?

Start from scratch and make it entirely my on mod or fixing all the errors and carry on with the work

once everything is fixed?


Starting from scratch would however become a problem because I dont know the basics of extracting the big files.

The mod that I was using as a base was already extracted. Is there any tutorial that covers this specific step?


Sorry for the long text but I really dont know what to do.

Its not just a few hours of work, it is almost 2 years of work.


I would really appreciate help.





#1031617 Adding buildings and units to the AI

Posted by Easterling26 on 04 June 2016 - 10:51 PM

Hello everybody.


Does anyĆ³ne know how to add custom units and buildings to the AI?

I have finally managed to make my own buildings and units and now I

would to see the AI using my new stuff in order to see if I have done everything

that needs to be done.


I could not find anything related to the AI. I know there was a tutorial on the 3ed Age website

but I does not say how to add buildings to the AI.


I would be very grateful if someone could share their knowledge about the AI.

I am also planning to add new factions to my mod but I did not know how

to make the AI use all the new stuff.


#1031298 New UVW maps

Posted by Easterling26 on 29 May 2016 - 11:37 PM

Ok, I have made a new model with the tutorial Mathjjis gave me and here is the result.

I hope its fine to attach so many images.


I just made this to practise. Its not going to be used.

I think I have a better understanding of UVW maps

and how to make them.


Again thank you for your help Mathjis you have helped me alot

with this tutorial!



Attached Thumbnails

  • Scene 1 Heavy Gustav.png
  • Scene 2 Heavy Gustav.png
  • Scene 3 Heavy Gustav.png
  • Scene 4 Heavy Gustav.png

#1031264 New UVW maps

Posted by Easterling26 on 29 May 2016 - 05:51 PM

Thank you for the link Mathjis !


This will be very useful to me.

Thank you very much I really appreciate it !


I have made another model now.

This time in 3ds Max.


Now it looks more like a Lord of the Rings model

and like a actual cannon.




Attached Thumbnails

  • Isengard Big Cannon 2.png
  • Isengard Big Cannon.png

#1031238 New UVW maps

Posted by Easterling26 on 29 May 2016 - 10:33 AM

You dont understand my question or the UVW map thing?

Sorry but english is not my first language.

#1031219 New UVW maps

Posted by Easterling26 on 28 May 2016 - 07:24 PM

Hello everyone!


First of all, I could not find any tutorials on how to make new UVW maps.

If there are tutorials about this please forgive me for making a new topic about

UVW maps.


I have reached a stage with my mod where I require knowledge about making

brand new models and textures and therefore I need to know how to make

UVW maps. Making the model itself is not problem the only problem is the

UVW map thing.


I have made a model to practise its nothing fancy and now I want to apply a texture 

so that the model will look like something. I have attached a image of my model.

The model is supposed to be the Heavy Gustav, a Train Artillery gun.


I should also add that I am using RenX for my models.

Could anyone perhaps explain to me how to make UVW maps?

I would really appreciate it because without this I cannot continue

with my work.


I just noticed that this topic is in the wrong section sorry for that.

Maybe someone could move this to the right section.

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  • Example Gustav Train Arty.png