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Excellent a great piece of genieous

02 July 2009 - 02:17 PM

The alpha realese for the mod was fantastic even if it was only in space. the feeling was as if i watching gundam seed & seed destiny on DVD. The idea was excellent, i just downloaded it off of megauploud and the gameplay was fantastic your group has done a superb job. Glad to know their are others who like gundam and want to see it on a mod. I have played others but they sucked except one.....that was Xeno Force for C&C Generals Zero Hour, but i am getting off point keep the great job going i've told other gundam fans in my family and friends about this mod they wanted me to give them their thanks for a great release... Let me know if your group ever needs a hand i can help on spreading the mod (alpha release of course) only if u want to and of course i am great at drawing anime and writing scripts plots timelines anything in that area i also have some modeling experince with 3Dmax 2008-2009 For the Glory of Zeon... Sieg Zeon :p :)