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In Topic: 0.15 version - CABAL, screenshots

21 February 2010 - 02:50 PM

Head of CABAL isn't appropriate? ;-)

So why "Hand of Nod" is? ;-D

Hmmm, cameos should be red following the convention of other red Nod buildings. CABAL here is a part of the Brotherhood, so they should keep their remap colour on cameos. :-)

In Topic: Red Alert Future Imperfect Release Date

17 February 2010 - 01:07 PM

Today is 17th, where's the release? =P

In Topic: Cnc R.I.P?

11 December 2009 - 06:48 PM

C&C3 is something different from RA3, two different products. Releasing C&C4 after C&C3 would be an exaggeration. Besides, take a look at Generals, BFME, BFME2, and C&C3 released by EALA. Especially at release dates.
They're fast. They're professional. Not some FPS Tiberium devs who don't even know where their butts are, let alone level design and game dev. If they had 1-2 years more, they'd release nothing at all.

Old C&C - R.I.P.
And long live the new C&C!
Without silly deficiencies such as a lack of 3 different sidebars for factions. -_- Westwood didn't even care for modders and modding tools, to say nothing of actual (not beta) screenshots on covers. And e.g. Emperor: Battle for Dune is hardly moddable so far, except for one mod, that's the truth. That's Westwood for you. Sincere & objective & equally critical or silent. Westwood is as evil as EA is, and they all are as evil as e.g. Ubisoft delaying PC versions of Assasin's Creed - while releasing it on other platforms, making waiting more painful and spoilers unbearable. And no, if they were really professional and caring, they'd release it the very same day - they wouldn't something like this happen.
Not to mention Blizzard, heh. Delaying, delaying, delaying. And then some announcements about the game divided in a few parts. -_- I imagine these upcoming x-packs just to make cash, haha.

So. For me EA is one of the most reliable companies, at least if it means release dates and fast & professional sequels. I spent my money well and I regret nothing. As I said, I played demos of C&C/RA1 back in '99 or even '98. :-D Even two/three missions was fun.
That's why I always consider and will always consider Generals/C&C3/RA3/C&C4 as NEW C&C. New. Better, released faster, more professional and reliable. Delays and postponing anything sucks (vide AC2 for PC = / I'll kill Ubisoft! &*$@*$@). It's good to know somebody who releases quite decent sequels in quite short time.
I'm loyal to C&C, not Westwood or EA. That's my point. :-)

Ah, I've forgotten:
Tiberium R.I.P.
(Hmm, or at least Kane won't rise again. ;-)

In Topic: RCS, realistic combat system

02 December 2009 - 02:23 PM

Some of this stuff is fairly possible, the rest depends on hardcoding, i.e. it isn't possible, at least not so easily.

I'll rethink "firing modes", weapons (+ ammo).

Mirage Tank was overpowered in vanilla RA2, camouflaged, couldn't be targeted when hidden (YR changed that), also, very capable of destroying anything, especially infantry. Therefore, it shouldn't have any anti-infantry guns/cannons, but I don't see any arguments against buffing regular tanks with some.
But it'll involve decreasing infantry costs even more. Also some resizing of them would be necessary to make them look 'realer', more real/realistic.

Hmm, right, Prism Tank should have longer fire range, but it'd require decreasing fire rate. Nothing for free, you know. :-) You always pay at least with your time if not cash. :-)

So Tesla Tanks and various aircraft properties may change.

In Topic: Is a simple way of editing this mod possible?

02 December 2009 - 02:09 PM

It's made by TX1138, the whole credit goes to him (don't mind the change of texture ^^).