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In Topic: Game replays (009 Beta2)

17 September 2017 - 11:56 AM

More replays available for download in our web page: http://contra.cncgui...ays009Beta2.php

And of course in the #replays channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/015E6KXXHmdWFXCtt

In Topic: Contra Feedback

25 August 2017 - 09:27 PM

It could be possible to implement "Hold Fire" by making a unit fire such a weapon:


  DamageType = STATUS

  DamageStatusType = NO_ATTACK

  DamageDealtAtSelfPosition = Yes
  RadiusDamageAffects = ALLIES SELF
However, this weapon needs to be fired non-stop and there must be a way to stop the weapon from "firing".

In Topic: Contra Feedback

24 August 2017 - 02:19 PM

You can do some great INI coding. It's a pity that such complex solutions almost always have side effects.


A few months ago we discovered that Scorpion II does not reveal itself when shooting (I used your dummy weapon). I checked the code multiple times, but didn't find the cause. Condition was of course set to "FIRING_PRIMARY". I'm not sure if the case was when shooting or moving and shooting at the same time.


Also, there was a rare sight with Scorpion II weapon damage. I couldn't reproduce it, but I think I've seen it two or three times. When I had a group of mixed units and attacked a target, the damage dealt was insane. It seemed like Scorpions gained the fire rate of nearby attacking Quad Cannons or something like that. I was suspecting the "PreAttackDelay = -1" to be the cause, but it's hard to guess. Case was always with structure targets, probably because they have high hp and it's easier to see the damage it takes.


I'm sure about the 1st bug, but not about the 2nd one.

In Topic: Contra Feedback

21 August 2017 - 10:49 PM





First of all, it's glad to see you back, Username.


In my opinion, single attack choice (anti-ground, anti-air) for stealth units would be too much micro management. Once manually switching to another weapon, the glitch of not being able to automatically switch weapons will be noticed by the player, and annoyed by it.


-Stealth and Assault AI building issues have been fixed.

-Making GLA AI use Radar Vans to deploy AA Radars is under question because of the implementation method. I can use the AT Mines deploy logic used by the Amphibious Transport, though making it less spammy. I'll have to add Radar Vans to some of the attack ways too. Maybe it's a good solution.

-Laser AI in 009 Beta 2 was confirmed to cause crash and was fixed. Building a Squid Drone crashes the game, and it is also being built by the AI. I've seen the game crash many times when a lot of units die at once (especially after a destructive general's power or super weapon has hit an enemy base full of units). I think this one is not fixable. I experimented with bombarding 1000+ infantry on a test map. The result was huge lag because of the big amount of gib (bloody limbs) creation, but the game didn't crash (tried it 2-3 times).

-Pathfinding is a big issue in Zero Hour. We have very little control of it and we can't prevent it from happening from time to time.

-Are you sure about "OrderIdleEnemiesToAttackMeUponReveal"? Does it cause idle units inside AI bases to move?

-Shockwave Bomb is available to Laser and Super Weapons. It was used by Air Force AI too, but I fixed it some time ago (uses Illusion now). I know about this power's spawning problem. It's only a problem when AI uses it. I still haven't looked into it.

-I already fixed SW AI ignoring invalid construction areas when using Defense Drop by lowering science purchase to level 1 (only 1 Patriot).

-Overlapping structures is a problem in small maps, and often with SW AI. However, SW AI must build lots of power plants, so building space gets used quickly.


-USA Drones bug was only with defense structures and was fixed.

-Music track cancellation is affected by game speed.


-I already cleaned up ParticleSystem.ini. But I can't tell if there's any difference.


-"ShareWeaponReloadTime = [Yes / No]" makes PRIMARY, SECONDARY and TERTIARY weapons share reload time. If a unit fires one of its weapons and switches to another, it will finish the fired weapon's reload before firing the other weapon. It is already used in Contra.


-Not sure about the "deep stealth". Perhaps it will be overpowered?


-Not sure if allowing Dozers to be built in WF is a good idea. US and Chinese Command Centers have a lot of health and are almost impossible to destroy early game unless you lose your factories before it. Emergency Repair is actually very useful as a power.


-Stealth could use an upgrade later in game. Heli-packs (as seen on this unit: http://contra.cncgui...hainRender.jpg)were discussed, but nothing was done yet.

-I like the organic heal idea, but it must be discussed with other Contra players too.


-I will add more Pilots.


-Comanche feedback is good.


-Colossus can be buffed without change of concept.


-Pave Low's role is long-ranged artillery again. I agree about braking. Combat Chinook is making a return as a close-ranged helicopter. Are you sure that "PreferredAgainst" holds the following entries in priority and the unit is more likely to choose a target from the specified entries rather than the nearest target?


-I agree about mines and mine clearers.


-B-52 Chimera will be discussed with players.


-Valanx recently got a price decrease ($550). Firing passengers can be a nightmare for the GLA early game.


-Stealth Fighters are good as they are. They have less attack range, but they are stealth. Super Weapon general does not need and does not have to break through defenses as much as other USA generals. They are effective in taking out a single defense structure or a tech structure. We haven't had an issue with them.


-USA aircraft selling option will be considered.


-Did "AutoChooseSources = PRIMARY NONE" do the trick with aircraft attacking enemies by themselves?


-Black Market aura will be discussed.


-GLA Bounty from start will be discussed.


-Staged repairs is a good idea not only for Saturn, but also for all GLA super units. Suggested changes will be considered.


In the end, I'd like to invite you to join our Discord chat: https://discord.gg/015E6KXXHmdWFXCtt

We have an active community there. We play online games from time to time, and you may even join us in testing the latest private version if you're a good player. A VPN solution is in development by Teteros and we're using it to connect online. It will be integrated into the Contra Launcher in 009 Final if everything goes as planned.

In Topic: Contra 009 Beta 2 Released

17 August 2017 - 11:55 AM

Good day to developers
Must say, your mod is really hard work, because you completely changed ZH engine and to play your mod is like to play other game.
But I have CTD errors in skirmish after the 30 min of playing
So the most good way to have no CTD - is win till 30 minutes (win in 15 min by blitzkrieg rush)

But I want to play more long, maybe 1-2 hours, want to explore all factions, all their new tactics
Do you have CTD fix of your mod? (I had problems in 007, 008 and 009 versions)

Or maybe it's my windows 8.1 is my problem?

Thanks anyway

Hello. Glad you enjoy the mod.

There is an error in 009 Beta 2 which causes a game crash. It's the Laser general Squid Drone. It is built by the Laser AI, so chance of crashing is high.


There is a fix for it:

Then put "!!" in front of the filename, like this: "!!Contra009b2-AirforceLaserFix.big" and place it in your ZH folder.
009 Final will have many errors fixed - from small visual errors, through AI and performance issues, to crash+mismatch fixes.