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In Topic: Contra Feedback

18 February 2017 - 10:13 AM


I can say right now that:

Scorpion tanks in beta 2 use a damage type which does not attack infantry.

Sniper Site is indeed weak. Something will be done.
What do you think about making GLA units such as Quad Cannon AutoAcquireEnemiesWhenIdle only when visible (by removing the STEALTHED condition)?

We are testing new Missile Silo. Most probably, they will be limited to 3 at a time.


Contra team,
So grateful for all you have done. this is the best mod I have played.
I play this with my friends most evenings, and the agreement between us is that 009 is brilliantly balanced and we recognise the fine tuning you guys have put into it.
We salute you in your efforts guys, please keep it up.
I know its a symptom of the original code, and probably the original protocols, but the loss of sync, is a big prob..
what can you do????

Certain errors in code can cause mismatch errors. They are very hard to detect as there are no tools or logs which help us identify them. We are left to suspect things in the game which could be causing the mismatches to happen. So, it is a matter of time and luck if we find and/or fix some errors and there is no permanent fix (mismatches do occur for no apparent reason). According to recent games, there is no general's power which could cause a mismatch anymore (fixed ones are: Comanche Drop when used on water, Panic (which was removed from Stealth general)). Now we have our eyes on Nuclear Battlemaster, Nuclear Gattling Tank and Seraph. In our opinion, they are potential mismatch causers.

In Topic: Help please Contra crashes all the time!

06 February 2017 - 04:06 PM

Hello -PHNX-,


Try to avoid the Laser AI, as it will build squid drones. These drones are bugged since the beta 2 version. In the next release this will be fixed.

I don't know if you built them, but refrain from doing so, and the crashes will (hopefully) occur less often. All other crashes occur because of the game itself.

I hope this helped.

I'm a developer and I can confirm that what WWB2 said is true. Laser AI tries to build Squid Drones which have a small code problem in 009 Beta 2 version, which causes a game crash.

In Topic: How to launch 009 beta2 in 1920*1200?

06 February 2017 - 04:03 PM

   Greetings! I have played contra since 007.   I love this mod.  

    Anyone can help me? I launched contra 009 beta2 with the launcher, but  it can only displayed at 1600*1200 in game.  My monitor displays in 1920*1200, so when I play this game, it has two black space in left and right side.

Set your max resolution in Options.ini.

In Topic: Contra Feedback

09 January 2017 - 09:33 AM


Thanks for the detailed feedback once again, UsernameUsername.

-I will fix hotkeys.

-Flame General audio will be deleted from Challenge screen.

-I didn't notice targeting problems with Jarmen. He was sniping infantry one after another independent on Snipe Vehicle ability.

-Reported bugs about new defense structures are not actually bugs. Camo Net has no effect on model appearance.

-Terrorist CommandSet will be fixed.

-Ratel II experience will be fixed.

-Fake units will be fixed.

-ECM disabled units is a bug that cannot be fixed.

-Oil Refinery bug is known. If I can't fix it, I'll remove Oil Refinery respawner.

-ECM's missile jammer radius disabling radars was intended. But we'll discuss if it should remain or not.


-China Sniper damage will most probably get reduced, but not too much. He's meant to be good against light armored vehicles.

-I will look at Jarmen Kell's armor against mines and decide whether it's good or not.


-Not sure about what causes Hijackers to stop. But I'll take a look.

-Air Force Pilots entering as passengers is not fixable. I will try to fix pathfinding issues.


-I have Stealth General in the to do list for the next version. I'll work on some of your suggestions.

-About GPS Scrambling USA and China units. I'm afraid this change can make those units overpowered. Imagine if the player has control of a few overlord type tanks which sneak inside enemy base undetected (or come out of a sneak attack behind enemy base) and start attacking base buildings. If the enemy has no radars there at that time, he won't even know what's going on. It's going to be weird and seem like a bug.

-As far as I know, stealth choices can't be granted by an upgrade.


-Propaganda and Strategy Centers are capturable now.

-I don't know if Saboteur suicide is intended to be that way. It's not important.

-I think there's no way to disallow Stinger Site infantry from giving bounty.

-We will test mine disarming effect update frequency.

In Topic: Contra 009 Beta 2 Released

31 December 2016 - 02:26 PM

Did the new update removed the Contamination option on Poison General's Buildings?

It did.