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In Topic: Decreasing chances of crashes with the Contra mod

17 October 2018 - 02:24 PM

I don't know of any fixes for Zero Hour crashing. Crashes occur randomly. We have found some errors caused by the mod itself and we'll fix them. We cannot fix the vanilla game's errors, sadly.

In Topic: Strange BMP error

12 October 2018 - 08:07 PM

Place all files from this folder to the parent folder (Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour). The mod needs to be started from within the game folder.

In Topic: Decreasing chances of crashes with the Contra mod

05 October 2018 - 10:58 AM

All known crashes and mismatch errors will be fixed in 009 Final.

Some maps have been improved, while other bad maps have been removed from the mod.


The Reset FPS button as well as some options in the Options menu are not functioning, so they will be removed in the next version.

In Topic: Maps from Contra 008 to Contra 007

10 September 2018 - 11:27 AM

Yes, you need to extract the maps from !Contra008.big and put them in your Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps folder. Create a folder for each map with the same name as the .map file. When you do that correctly, they will appear in your Unofficial Maps tab in-game. Many bad maps will be cut in 009 Final (which is just around the corner), with better ones taking their place. There is a chance that we will make a map pack with all removed maps.

In Topic: Suggestions

15 July 2018 - 07:00 PM



- I have in my plans to analyze Air Force challenge scripts. There was a tool which showed which scripts are being executed while playing. I need to search for it again. That crash could be related either to the map scripts or something which the general uses.


Have you made any progress with this problem? I appreciate you're busy so no pressure. Just want to know before I re-install Contra :)


Yes, I fixed it long time ago. You can download the fix from https://discord.gg/015E6KXXHmdWFXCtt (either just the fix or the unofficial patch, which includes it).