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Teaser Update

12 December 2013 - 12:07 AM

Hi all,

It's near the end of the year, and although due to tight schedule we didn't go for MOTY this year, we are still planning to release 0.5 around Christmas, so here's a preview of what's coming up!

First up, there're the new units: M404 ECM Vehicle and M247 Sergeant York anit-air vehicle. The ECM vehicle can reveal enemy units and structure using active abilities, which will be a new game feature debuting in 0.5, while Sergeant York is adapted at dealing with enemy air threats and can receive the new AA missiles upgrade, which can also benefits the VADs defensive turrets.

ECM Vehicle revealing enemy units:


VADs and M247 with and without missile upgrade:


M247 firing its missle,


And there are some new tweaks being done as well, such as the FV-12, which now receives speed and health boosts when fitted with AA missiles, along with a few other things for you to find out. So stay tuned for the next release!



August Update

19 August 2013 - 01:19 AM

First up, happy birthday to our hard-working project leader, Ravage!biggrin.gif

Now comes the updates:
(click on the images to enlarge)
Green Beret Commandos are effective versus all ground enemies aside from MBTs. They can also deal devastating damage to enemy Commander Centers to vastly reduce their combat effectiveness.

Yes, they are equipped with Cobra Assault Cannon. And no, you won't find any civi-slaughtering ED209 here...
The ECM vehicle, despite lacking the heavy armour and cannon donned by battle tanks, and the mobility of aircraft, can pose an even greater threat than either to the enemy.

Passive Mode: Detects enemy radars, units and structures using active abilities.

Active Mode: Prevents enemy units and structures from using active abilities, removes Bonus granted by enemy Commanding Units.
Radar Site: A simple radar site

Passiv Mode: No special abilities (for now). Detects stealth.

Active Mode: Provides Bonus to friendly units, detection range is increased.
For more info on Electronic Warfare in the mod, pls go to our Moddb page and check out the news section!

A little surprise under your tree!

12 December 2012 - 01:08 PM

Hi troops, once again it's near Christmas, and MOTY is approaching fast, which is why we're snacking a few presents under you trees just for the occassion.

First up, there are some new toys:

The new M103 artillery, which is basically a howitzer mounted on APC chassis, very ideal for fire support. Like TW's Juggernaut, it can be relayed to barrage marked co-ordiantes.
Posted Image

For the infantry section you get the new Recon Squad, a 3-man sniper team that remain stealth both when firing and moving, and has the ability to mark targets for the aforementioned M103. The new OICW upgrade is now also available from the Infantry Tactical Command, which will supply the squadleaders and all rifle-soldiers in your squads with OICW rifles, greatly increasing their firepower and (in the squadleaders' case) the firing rate and damage of gun grenades.

Posted Image
Posted Image

On the structure side, we've re-implemented walls (built from Supply Depots), they can now have defenses built on top of them. The new structure for this update will be the Maintenance Yard, which not only repairs vehicles much faster than the Vehicle Transport Pad, but also has the ability to boost the armour rate and speed of nearby vehicles. It also holds important upgardes, and is the prerequiste for some advanced units.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Secondly, we are working hard to optimise our new UIs, which may or may not make its debut in the next update. Here's a preview for you:

Posted Image

All in all, although progress was slow, we still managed to work out this fresh update for you. You can now download this latest demo, version 0.4,either from our homepage, or Moddb. We hope this one package of explosive surprise can add a few sparkles to your Christmas. We'll make another comeback next year, so please stay tuned for more news, and don't forget to vote for us at Moddb!

Have a Merry Christmas

Alternate Warfare Dev Team