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19 November 2009 - 03:58 AM

I suppose but i've done some searching and they generally require that i know some stuff i don't know or even want to be bothered learning since im not even gonna use it.

@Allathar/Vortigern - My actual friends are in different states or miles upon miles away, none of them are very good with money either ,even if they can be fun people. Thing like my current situation have been my entire life to be honest there have been plenty of other cornered situations as well, i just try to deal with it.

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18 November 2009 - 06:47 AM

So today, my older brother decide he wanted to have a talk with me about what i did yesterday. Yesterday, i went and bought myself some ice cream (i rarely buy myself things at that) and left it in the freezer for a little bit. My brothers mother in law went and gave some to my brothers kids who are bad and one of them is generally undeserving of anything nice because he's a terrible little fucker who messes with everything i own. Anyway, when i noticed, i went and told her that that was my ice cream, that i bought for myself. She apologized for not knowing or w/e but i was still annoyed. I live with my brother, his wife, mother in law, and his two kids btw. I sleep on a couch, live out of a closet, and only have time to myself when they are all sleep, but then i can't even turn the damn TV up. It's my only place to live though, but i don't complain or get in their business, i only try keeping to myself, which apparently my brother hates because he thinks i am agry all the time just because i don't talk to him. He's a huge man child who even thrown tantrums and blows everything out of proportion. He likes stuff i don't like and vice versa so we have nothing in common. He tries to act liek a good dad hen all he does is give his kids candy, doesn't discipline them, lets them tell him what to do else they whine. He's a terrible father. He thinks that his kids are bad just because kids are bad -__-. i don't even begin to believe such bullshit. i think good parents raise good kids, but that not the same as good people raising good kids. He only thinks from his point of view and if you don't think the way he does, you're wrong. He thinks arguments are some kind of competition or something too because he will tell me in the middle of it, "you're not going to win this argument.", like WTF, seriously.

Anyway, he was telling em that he heard me telling his kid last night that the ice cream was mine and told me that whatever is in the house, his kid has the right to having, which is obviously why i don't buy stuff for this damn place or these people because if i get some stuff, it'll just get eaten or drunk by them, but more then likely wasted, not eaten and left out on the table. I hate stuff being wasted which is the other factor to me not giving the kids things i get because they waste like everything they get. So he decide to give me an earful on that because keeping to myself and just wanting to have atleast one thing that's mine is wrong and apparently makes me a child, even though he's kicking and throwing stuff at walls over the fact that i simply told him i didn't like him. no one 30 or even around the age of 30 should be acting like they are 4 years old with crap like that.

He also told me that him, his wife, and his mother in law are the only ones who are allowed to disciple his kids, none of them do anything of the sort really. That little fucker is either throwing hard shit at me or hitting me with stuff for no damn reason and i'm supposed to just sit there and gets scarred, bruised, and cut up from these toys and objects. That's bullshit, i've tried a couple of time being the good guy and letting them know what the little asshole is doing, but all they do is say "hey, stop that". the boy just ignores them or tells them no and continues while they do nothing.

I barely eat here since idk what eat in the fridge and even if is did eat something in there, i'd have to hear "that was for the kids" which is really annoying. When i am able to play my PS3 in the afternoon, i usually turn it off when they him and his wife get back from work since i really hate people being all up in my business (i talk on my headset) and my brother is a bigmouth who like to throw stuff in people faces all the time. I hate this place, but unfortunately for me, it is my only option for a place of living. I walk a 5 minute walk to work and i don't drive which is the only upside really. i don't make that much cash for my own place and if i did it would need to be within walking distance of my job. i've looked, but the only one that comes up close enough costs a fair price, but i would only be able to get at least 50-100 of food a month and not even have cable/phone/internet. The only time i get to actually eat something is when my sister in law makes something and leaves me some food.

.... i hate my life so much. i really get along better with strangers. I've never been a relationship type of person with women because i've always had a shitty living situation. before my brother, i lived with my alcoholic father who would come home drunk, bitch about nothing for a couple hours, and then tell you multiple time how he was going to kill you, but he was a coward and i would be too much of a bitch to actually do anything to anyone, he never even answered the door when i lived with him. but i don't live with him anymore because we got evicted. and now he's somewhere, idk, idc.

Yeah, so why would i want to bring some chick back to either one of these places right? i always think about these things when i even start messing with women then i slow it down because i don't need them ruined because of my family or not like me or feel bad for me. i hate it when people feel bad for me, which is why i rarely ever tell people about my past and what i've come from. i really doubt there is any chick who would simply agree to never meeting my family if we were in a serious relationship.

My god what a long post. More soon maybe. Just got Bioshock via Gamefly so i'm finally gonna play it, though i was never interested in it, bu my friends (internet) think its worth playing.

In case anyone is wondering what type of person i am. i am kind of a goofy guy (not at home), i don't lie (but can be sarcastic), don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs. It may paint some pure picture to some, but i am just a regular person who tries to live my life without being bothered by my nosy terrible family.

Congrats to anyone who actually read through all my ranting.

BTW, Are there any Uncharted 2 players here?

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17 November 2009 - 08:05 PM

She also has the same name as my mother -__- which is kind of weird. I didn't know my mother though. I've learned to never really get attached to people enough that i like them enough to be infatuated. i set moral standards.

I work at Target.

Also speaking of firmware updates. 3.10 is coming, nothing mind blowing, but it's got the Facebook integration and you can change your profile color. I think i'll use the trophy information feed to Facebook. :p

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17 November 2009 - 10:26 AM

How to heal a PlayStation's "it goes on but you don't see the PlayStation screen" thingy? Anyone? No?

*Off to official PlayStation forums, if there are any*

*Yes, I did come up with a lot of dust and whatever*

Where have you been? that was taken out in the 3.00 update (beginning of September) because of the new PS3 slim and the new logo's and what not. We all loved the little "ding" sound as well when you start the game, but they told everyone that they took it out because it made games load faster, as if 1 seconds makes any kind of difference. So yeah, it's not a problem.


There are a couple of women at my job that i flirt with a little, i learned one of them was 17 (i'm 20) so i was like WTF, people need to stop looking older then their age, even if they can't help it, but i'm backing off her for now. This other one is nice and what not, but if i'd consider anything a problem, it'd be the fact that her mother also works in the same store as her and i. i'm not even a relationship type of person, but i ponder.

Since im not a PC gamer, i need something to remind me to come back here guys, maybe it will be talking about my cruddy life. :p

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27 October 2009 - 02:03 AM

If deleting your cookies and cache didn't work, then who knows. Does it do the same thing in other browsers? I'm gonna assume your not using IE, else you'd be getting virus raped.

Try changing your IP by resetting your router or something, maybe your IP got auto banned?