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Edit destination_formation.lua and able to play campaign?

24 April 2022 - 06:16 PM



Recently i got back into DOW 1 campaigns and there is an old edit i used to do ages ago to the destination_formation.lua using i think Corsix Mod Studio.

Within the Corsix studio its located in the data>game>destination_formation.lua


However now in 2022 i am unable to figure out exactly how i did this while still being able to play the campaigns.

If i make it like a separate mod and change in the main menu of the game the campaigns are not present (not playable).

And if i try saving the edited .lua file the entire Corsix mod studio just closes (crash to desktop i guess).

Can anyone please advise the simplest way to edit the destination_formation.lua (or its containing original sga) and save it successfully while still being able to play the campaigns?
Thank you very much.