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In Topic: DataRun - CameraVolume

31 March 2010 - 10:21 AM

haha. thats good to hear. and after many months i finally check the thread again.

i've been stuck in asset making for a while so i haven't been back to working on the camera since a few days after i posted. should you read this: how's it coming along?

In Topic: DataRun - CameraVolume

09 December 2009 - 10:04 AM

hello. i'm currently in the process of doing some camera work myself, and i stumbled across this thread. if you're looking to do a node system via matinee; since you already seem to have a good feel for volumes; you could set up your nodes and pathing for them, then be able to toggle which node the player is viewing their character from based on whatever camera volume the player happens to be standing in. the cameras themselves probably wouldn't be that much work to set up. you'd just have to code in a way to keep those cameras locked in on the player's origin (or more likely a bit off center favoring the front) and move along their path. the player enters and you blend the camera from one node to another. from this point you could easily script in various camera effects (shake, rebound, perhaps sync bob with run cycle frame if you're feeling ambitious) to directly affect the already referenced camera node.

i've actually been trying to set something like this up for a while now, and am kinda smacking myself in the head right now for not thinking of using volumes for it. i'll probably check back in on this thread from time to time. if you hit any road blocks i might be able to help you out.