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Warhammer 40,000 Mod in need of GFX artists (sticky please)

01 December 2003 - 01:50 PM

The Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K) mod for YR (HERE - forums are HERE is in need of some good graphics people. Currently VisceroidGod (a very good artist) is doing most of the SHP work, and we need someone to help him. Some good voxel editors would also be appreciated.

Lt Zack, another oldbie in the modding community, is also having trouble getting the Imperial Guard AI to work - a good AI editor would be a great help to the mod.

The Scrin Armada

14 November 2003 - 11:49 PM

"It was a terrible mistake, I can assure you, General. Not all the members of my people believe in our civilisation. Some of them... sabotaged it."
The alien's face remained impassive on the main screen. The Philadelphia's crew was silent. Eventually General Adamson spoke. "I don't know how you know my rank, or our language, but I cannot speak for the Global Rescue Force. If you want I can-"
"General," interrupted the alien. "Can you promise me that you will order your troops not to engage us on the ground? That is all we ask for. We have created this... this tragedy, it is our responsibility to remove the Tiberium from your world."
Adamson looked around the command room. It still silent, save for the impassive voice of EVA and the various computers constantly running their programs. At last Adamson turned back to the face on the screen. "You have my word, whoever you are."
"Many thanks, General," replied the alien. "I am Admiral Shaolin, of the First Scrin Armada."

Commander, Admiral Shaolin has placed you in charge of Scrin operations on the third planet in solar system 772-51B-14D (called 'Sol' by the inhabitants of the third planet, Earth). More information on local data is attached. Following the sabotage of our Tiberium spore meteors that missed the second planet (called Venus) and hit the third, we have hurried here to correct the damage. The Earth's inhabitants (humans) are unaware of our existence outside the orbital headquarters of the Global Rescue Forces, though this will change when we begin landing our troops.

After extensive electronic intelligence gathering by the Intelligence Corps (1st Armada), we have ascertained that our forces are superior in every aspect to those we will be facing (and fighting alongside) save that of numbers (particularly firepower, armour, range, self-repair and immunity to Tiberium's effects). We can ill afford large scale, costly battles and Admiral Shaolin is relying on you to manage our troops to the best of your abilities. Thankfully we do have aerial superiority over our opponents thanks to the orbiting fleet, but our superiority comes at a high price in both resources, numbers and the time it takes to equip our forces.

Unfortunately the increasingly dangerous ion storms that target the planet have made impossible our original aim of moving our warships into the atmosphere to provide ground-level support, however we will be able to mount accurate strikes from orbit should our warships be in the vicinity.

A final word of warning commander: Whilst our deep space patrols have stopped the final waves of meteorites, a few waves have made it past our ships. Although rare, be on the lookout for a breakout of Tiberium due to meteors.

> Very expensive. Think Protoss in Starcraft.
> Lots of self-healing and all have Tiberium immunity (not healing).
> Good firepower, range, armour and advanced sensors that detect the human cloaked or subterranean forces.
> Nobody has any knowledge of the Scrin outside of their Tiberium knowledge in the downed scout ship (the Tacitus was to be taken back but crashed and humans retrieved it). Thus your best bet is numbers and early attacks.
> Scrin weapons include missiles, lasers, railguns and plasma / particle cannons. No projectiles.