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Your best RotM experience...

22 April 2010 - 04:57 AM

I'm making this thread because, primarily, I want to know what really attracts people to the mod. It's like market research I guess...

Secondary to that, however, I just had the most incredible battle of my life and I have to share it. So, here goes:

The planet was Kashyyyk. I had just conquered the world as the Mandalorians and it had been the most heavily defended world yet. The space battle was difficult and the ground battle was bloody. The confrontation claimed the life of one of my field commanders, a Basilisk pilot and benched several of my heroes. Many New Republic soldiers and their Wookie allies perished in the battle but for nothing in the end; the world was taken. The New Republic, in an effort to re-liberate their friends, attempt to raid the planet but fail. Their only option now is brute force. But how does one beat a force of Mandalorians using brute force alone?

Their answer: 8 Corellian CD-10 heavy cruisers, 4 Assault Frigate MKIIs, 1 Nebulon B, 6 Marauder-class Corvettes, 4 DP20 Gunboats paired with an equal amount of CR90s, 15 squads of B, K, E, A, and X wings (each) and the entire fleet being led by the great Admiral Akbar himself with Booster Terrik flying heavy support from the rear.

My fleet: 1 lvl 3 station, 1 Lictor-class heavy cruiser, about 15 squads of Starviper and Supafighter wings (each), 3 wings of Kyr'Galaar Bombers, 7 Crusader-class corvettes, and both of my fleet commanders; Novoc Vevut and Ram Zerimmar all being led by the Mandalore himself, Boba Fett.

The battle was the most intense I have ever fought, forcing me to actually use tactics to pull through...but even then the victory was narrow. I lost almost my entire fleet save for Fett and a squad of Starvipers. Novoc Vevut also survived but only with his engine HP intact but in the red. My space station also made it through but only barely. All in all, the battle was about 10 minutes long, making it the most fierce battle I have yet encountered in this game.

So there it is. Hope that was exciting to read as it was for me to fight...probably not but ah well. Share your stories here as well! I'm interested to hear what other experiences people have had.

Rise of the Mandalorians v4.0

16 April 2010 - 07:58 AM


Moddb - http://www.moddb.com...andalorians-v40

Filefront - http://empireatwar.f...alorians;112733

Strategy Informer - http://www.strategyi.../mod/35704.html

PATCH 4.1:

Moddb - http://www.moddb.com...orians-patch-41
Filefront - http://empireatwar.f...ns_patch;112823

Strategy Informer - http://www.strategyi.../mod/35734.html

PATCH 4.2:

Moddb - (pending admin approval)

Filefront - http://empireatwar.f...ns_patch;112931

Strategy Informer - pending


12 April 2010 - 10:18 PM

Version 4 of the mod has officially been uploaded to Moddb!! Here is the link:


Be sure to check the download mirrors section for other hosts and for patch releases!

New unit models

13 March 2010 - 07:40 AM

Century Tank

Posted Image
This unit is the descendant of the TIE Mauler. Much more effective vs other vehicles while still good vs infantry. Heavier armor and weapons but slower. Deploys in squads of three. Certified Star Wars cannon :p Here's the Wiki page: http://starwars.wiki...ki/Century_tank


05 February 2010 - 04:13 AM

This thread is here so that you can request things that you would like to see, want changed, or want removed from the next version of the mod. This is not a Q and A thread though....so do not expect me to personally reply to a request. I will pop in every now and again to get an idea of what people want in the mod but I will mostly just be reading the posts, not providing input. This thread is also not a guarantee that your request will be placed in the mod. It is simply a place for people to come up with ideas that I may not have thought of myself. With all that in mind, have at it! Let me know what you want!