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V4 bugs

13 April 2010 - 05:13 PM

first of all, i just want to say that you mod is absolutely brilliant.

this is just some i've found from playing with the mandalorians so far.
-crash when a bombing run is used with the Kyr-Galaar in orbit on dantooine (worked fine on bastion).
-Text errors:
-in galactic view, tiroc vohn is missing a description. in land, larsus ulle is.
-in galactic view, goran beviin's class is his description.

another possible bug is that goran beviin pilots a pursuer- is this intentional?
also, on both dantooine and bastion land, i have been unable to call goran beviin in as a reinforcement- it acts like his reinforcement count is 0 (able to drop and drag any time) but can't call him in. this is when i have available capacity.

AI not building much on planets?

13 February 2010 - 05:40 PM

i'm going through the Equal Footing campaign as Mandalorians, and to try and make more of a challenge, i let the AI take all planets but Mandalore. However, they don't seem to be building much. i've so far taken 1 additional planet, and have been playing for around an hour or so. The problem is, the AI aren't building anything more than a level 1 space station and a single structure- i'll let you know if there's a consistency in what structure is being build when i find out.
oh, and i'm playing on hard mode.

-have some more information.
Imperials don't seem to build anything on conquered planets.
also, i tried taking 3 rebel-owned planets- Taris, Bespin, and Geonosis- All had one space station level and one structure. however, bizarrely, it differed which structure. one had barracks (presumably- i used heros to drop onto the bases to look into it, but saw nothing but infantry), and 2 had vehicle factories (light) (again, presumbaly, but i'm relatively certain)

i'll test on different difficulties for you, although i expect to see the same, to be honest.

just looked at a saved GC with the remnant, and it appears none of the factions are making any space stations, yet have used all ground slots.