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What Would you like to see from Gravity's Rainbow?

04 January 2011 - 11:01 PM

Well I asked the Question What would you Like to see?

Tell me what you like, Dislike, etc.

Please note that This is a hard Science Fiction Mod and that the we wont be using laser guns. aka PEW PEW guns
If we do they will be very bulky and have a short life span.

Looking to get my Forum Renamed

04 December 2010 - 02:14 AM

Ok, so I have recently started a project for Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad called Gravity's Rainbow - The First Bug War

I need to put my older project "Segmentum - Dark Crucible" on hold.

So i am asking is it possible to get my older forum Segmentum - Dark Crucible Closed and replace it with "Gravity's Rainbow - The First Bug War".

I am currently assembling a team that needs to Collaborate. So far I have 2 Members.

If this is possible please let me know.



Gravities Rainbow - The First Bug War

23 August 2010 - 06:06 PM

Gravities Rainbow - The First Bug War is a First Person Shooter Modification based on Red Orchestra Heroes of Stalingrad Engine (UDK/HOS SDK)

The Game focuses around the Sector of Gravities Rainbow during an Large Scale invasion by the Van'nar {A Humanoid Bug Race} from Null Space.

The Gameplay is directed at the player through a commanders point of view of the Sector (Similar to Heroes of Stalingrad's Campaign Mode) Showing where Van'nar Hive Presence and Human Presence depending on what side you are on.

The Game Modes will involve -

Territory - From Classic Red Orchestra and Heroes of Stalingrad.

Countdown - A HOS Game mode with a Gravities Rainbow Twist.

Bug Hunt - A new Game mode Being made exclusively for Gravities Rainbow - This Mode will Play into the overall Multi-Player Campaign

Recon - A Coop Game mode that focuses on tight Squad Tactics, Stealth and Patience - This mode will play into the Overall Multi-Player Campaign.

Will there be Vehicles If so will there be Full 3d interiors?

Yes, I would like to take advantage of the HoS ability to have a Full AI Crew. Initially I would like to keep things simple for the time being. So no Full Vehicle interiors at the moment. But you can expect them in future releases.

You mentioned earlier that there would be Space Combat. Will their Be space Combat on Release of the mod?

I am looking into this quite Heavily and hopefully a Solid yes will be the answer when RO is Released

Is this Strictly Multi Player or does it have a single Player Component?

Strictly Multi player

What Classes for the Human will be in the Core Mod?

Watch this Space

What Classes for the Van'Nar will be in the Core Mod?

Watch this Space

You mentioned a Commanders point of View of the Sector does the Commander have total say where the Players fight next?

In a Sense yes and we are doing this for a good reason. Tactical Decisions by the commander will determine the outcome of the war.

Example - If the Van'Nar are attacking at 2 points.

One will Spell Collapse of the Sector and the other would potentially save lives of millions but the sector would still fall. The Commander will have to see this and choose appropriately. I wanted to give the Commanders a sense of what real life Generals face every day when at war.

How will the Attack and Defend system on the Campaign map work?

The Side that won the last battle will choose the next place to attack. It is that simple.

Stone Age Digital is looking for web hosting

26 May 2010 - 01:01 AM


We are a small indie development Group that is looking for web hosting. We have a few a few projects up our sleeve but are willing to share one of them.

We are currently working on a game known as Arnhem. Arnhem is a WW2 FPS that is based on the events of operation market garden.
We are currently in early pre-production of the game and are looking for some web space to host a official web page for Arnhem

We currently have our domain name registered as per the instructions of Revora.com.

We are wondering if we could get Dev domain for our studio as we plan to release modular content following the Release of Arnhem. We are using the UDK (Unreal Development Kit) for the production of this Game and its modular Content.

We are very enthusiastic about working with Revora and its great Staff.

Benjamin Stanley

Stoneage Digital co-founder