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I´m back!

26 August 2010 - 08:32 PM

Hi everyone! I :p ´m glad to see that IP is still alive. I found these forums some time ago and I´ve decided to join again.

These last two years I have been very busy with school and other matters. However, I didn´t stop mapping. I have finished a Gladiator map called "Hero Colloseum", which will soon be realeased,. I have also made a skirmish map which still needs some work and now I am working on a fortress map. Holy Hammer will probably remember something about it . It is called "The Siege of Dol Galad".

Unfortunately, school is starting soon for me, :w00t: so depending on the ammount of homework I may not be very active, but I will try to post here as much as I can to help bring some life back to IP. Once school starts and I am able to see how much work I´ll have I will try to re apply to the SEE mod, as now I am finally able to play mods! This is because the spanish version of the game doesn´t support mods, so I just installed it in English.

Anyway, it´s good to see you all again!