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Team No Tomorrow Contest

27 November 2005 - 10:15 PM

Yar! The team at Team No Tomorrow have decided to put up a contest, because we can. If this works out well, we will have many more contests, so behave!

Submit a poster promoting Via Dolorosa that adhere to these requirements:
- MINIMUM resolution of 1600(w)x2000(h) in pixels.
- Maintain a ratio of 4:5 no matter what.
- 250 Resolution (pixels/inch) Where applicable
- Must have the www.via-dolorosa.com url on it.

- Using Via Dolorosa content is allowed, but extra points will be awarded for origional content.
- Everyone EXCEPT the Core Team Leaders are allowed to submit.
- The latest submission date is 12/30/05. Late submissions will not be accepted.
- You MAY submit more than one poster.


1st. Place:
- Half-Life 1 CDKey For use with Steam
- One (1) Month Steam Support (Provided to you by Swift. =D)
- A BetaTest position for our next release, or an in depth discussion and media tour if winner cannot playtest it.

2nd. Place:
- Honorable Mention
- A picture of a cookie (An e-Cookie)

Remember the setting in which Via Dolorosa takes place; It takes place after a devastating 3rd world war, where demons from hell are ravaging the remainder of the dwindeling population of man. This means, no pretty pink colors and butterflies. Via Dolorosa Logo is the 69 crosses. If you need a picture, request one here.

Posters will be judged on Appearance, organization, theme, message, creativity, and professionalism.

And, remember: Bigger resolution is better. It means we can use it in more printing applications. As long as you stay with the 4:5 ratio, you're good. So like... 2000x2500 is good, 2500x3125, and so on. Higher resolutions will be considered in the professionalism category.

Submit your posters to: TeamNT@gmail.com

Post any other comments or questions here.

Good luck, and may the best man (or woman) win!

Also, entrants MUST be registered at the forums.