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In Topic: Taint/Elven Wood border

08 October 2016 - 12:10 AM

I just jumped on rotwk (I was working only with bfme2 before) and noticed that the frozen land spell for angmar visually works the way we want, multiple applications blend together rather than creating that ugly border around the new patch of ice.  The problem is for some reason rotwk won't acknowledge my homemade patches like bfme1 and bfme2 do.  So I can't even try doing anything like creating clones of the frozen land spell and then just giving it the elven wood and taint visuals.  I will have to look into this tomorrow when I get back from work.

In Topic: Taint/Elven Wood border

02 October 2016 - 09:26 PM

Any insight you can eventually give is most appreciated.  I'm taking a break out of sheer frustration lol.  Thankfully I have some other things to keep me occupied for a while.

In Topic: Taint/Elven Wood border

02 October 2016 - 01:27 PM

I haven't downloaded or looked at any other mods as I'm trying to keep the game as clean as possible and only make a few slight changes that make it a bit more fun for myself.  I have modified the specialpower ini to make taint and elven wood permenant.  Also looked at the taint and elven wood grove ini files, but i don't see anything in either that would address overlapping or erasing a previous effect at the border.  In comparing the object ini files from both games, they seem pretty identical. I've been going back and forth comparing files between both games and the only difference I've noticed is that in bfme1 the object ini for taint and elven wood reference the buff and debuff the spell gives to units where as the bfme2 object ini files do not.  Perhaps it cannot be done or I'm just missing something.