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07 February 2005 - 02:14 AM

Remember the Silence:

Scott Ryder lived a normal life for the most part, sure there had been scratches in his past record, but who didn't have that? That's what Scott thought 2 days ago until he received the phone call with only the words "begin the silence" and then the phone went dead. Scott didn't feel distraught at all, I mean it was just a prank call right? He went on with his life, and then when he forgot about the strange call from earlier he received something through the mail…was it his mom sending more clothes for him? No, it would be much more sinister than that, a silenced .45 ACP Colt 1911 with 2 extra ammunition clips and "remember the silence" scribed on to a note within the box. What he did next would be even more horrific then the fact that he had just received a gun in the mail. His hands instinctively grabbed the weapon and the ammo clip and loaded the weapon in under 3 seconds with the fresh magazine. "What the hell?!" What was strange was the fact that he had never seen the gun in his entire life and then all of a sudden he knew how to reload it. "What the hell is going on?" he whispered to himself "What should I do with the gun?" He thought maybe someone was warning him and that he should probably take the gun with him to work the next day…bad move. Once he got to his workplace his cell phone rang, probably a damn client getting pissed that they didn't make money off of their stocks…"better answer it" he thought, and then a very high pitched sound went through the speaker…silence…and then the same voice from 2 days ago "Phase 1" it said and then whoever it was hung up again. He knew at that point he was going to use that gun, but was it for his own defense or was he just a pawn of someone else's game?

This was my idea for a mod before i scrapped it for Lamarr mod but how do you guys like it??