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A bit of feedback

26 June 2012 - 04:03 AM

- I love the campaign loading screens.
- I don't understand why the costs of some units/structures are more expensive than normal, it's not a bad thing, but I don't know if it's a mistake or not.
- The Tiberium and the cliffs needs improving.
- There's something I've always liked about this mod, that its gameplay it's faster than TS, I mean, TS weapons do more damage than regular TS. To me, it's more fun.
- Possible bug: in Nod mission 2 I captured a war factory and the AI sold it, being still mine.
- The TS missions are very good, they're far more difficult, I'll play more of them to give feedback.
- The Harpy doesn't have rotors, that's a mistake because in FMVs it does.
- Titan and MMK II are too small, I suggest to use Rewire's Titan and Shin Peter Pan's MMK II.
- Cool navy, I like it.
- About the unit cameos: some of them have a desert-yellow background style -which can be good because that way can be easily recognizable-, some have a real-life style -which I like the most-, some of them have a blue sky background, etc. I personally don't like this, I think that all the cameos should have just one style, either desert or real-life, it'd look better and give a sense of "order".

I'd suggest to use some of the Rewire's assets as they are pretty good and free to public use (by the words of the mod leader, Gangster). They could fit in the mod, I'm talking specifically about the Tiberium, maybe the cliffs, some voxels, and the Titan.
Anyway, I hope to help and I'll continue playing the mod, it's a pleasure :) .