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In Topic: Can't add water ripples in BFME 1

21 July 2011 - 08:19 PM

Actually, I resolved this issue. The only problem left is that when I try to re-arrange the ripple object, the river gets grabbed instead! :blink: The objects came really convincing in-game eventually, but I got BFME II the other day, Along with RotWK, so I'll start using WB II from now on. Thanks for all the help by the way!

In Topic: Can't add water ripples in BFME 1

15 July 2011 - 11:44 AM

Try and use the terrain around the water to try see where the ripples intersect with the land. From there, you should hopefully be able to work out how much to change your z-height ;). It might also help you to type the z-height values in, rather than using the scrollbar, which might not give you as much control.

That's the tricky part. My river is inside a valley, so It's kind of tricky. Can you explain how to do this exactly? Since as a modeler, I'm used to the comfort of a side/front view, which allows me to easily distinguish Z-heights.