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26 July 2011 - 07:29 PM

Oh this is still kind of active :) I didn't realise that... awesome. I left a message on the recruitment page about helping with modelling btw.

In Topic: Recruitment

26 July 2011 - 01:20 PM

Okay so I'll start by saying I would really love to help with this so bad, but...

a. I'm actually really scared :p I would love to say I could help with modelling but I'm not really *that* good :( and I've never ever worked on a project with other people before, so I'm not sure how much help I'd actually end up being =/

b. This is a pretty big issue... I'm not actaully quite sure what's going on here. :L It *seems* like you're asking for help with a mod for a game, is that right cus it also seems like you could be doing animations. I wasn't sure.

c. Another terrible one. (I'm really not selling myself here am I? :L) It has been AGES since I saw any Gundam Wing, I mean like years ago =/ but I do remember a very deep love for it at the time and they are still of interest to me now.

d. There's a high chance I don't even have the game in question though it wouldn't be a massive trouble for me to get as if I'm right it should be going quite cheap these days.

But on the up side :)

I'm really interested in modelling.

I'm really interested in Modding.

I have done both at a basic level. No total conversions just yet. ;) (Modded a unit or 2 in C&C generals)

I have also skinned and animated a simple model I made. (Can post if you want)

I was doing alright with the Escalight Gundam Wing tutorial but unfortunately the site went down while I was using it and at the time I had decided it would be a better learning experience if I learned what looked best by eye, not from 'tracing' the picture behind... but the reference I was using was also on the site when it went down. ¬.¬

Oh yeah... I also have way too much time atm. :p

EDIT: I only just thought to check the dates =/ This isn't even relevent anymore is it? :(