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Corsix Macros - for faster AE management and checks...

14 September 2019 - 09:28 AM

OK, just to say that, during my countless AEing times, it became apparent that some Macros would have shorten the required time for many tasks, .... By A LOT!!

So if you are interested, I can share some Macros.


The reason I posted this, is a CTD reason, common to all projects:

The Origin.z being larger that the Muzzle.z in the combat_ext of entities.


I had a CTD in the Imperial Fists because of that, and instead of searching the entities one-by-one, I created a Macro that does that for me.


Anyway, you got the idea.

Last Stand Discussion

29 December 2018 - 07:00 PM

OK, so I want to share some thoughts about this mode.

At this point it is at VERY EARLY STAGE, but you can have a taste of what it CAN be.


I suppose you all have the last internal unification version


So first, please start a game in the Biffy's Peril map.

(For now, this map will ALWAYS play as a Last Stand Game)

Set the first 1-3 team at the same side, but choose ONLY Eldar or Space Marines.

Set the 4th (enemy team, AI) player as Chaos Marines.


Start the match, and chose a squad.

In both player races (Eldar / Space Marines), I have set 3 squads that you can choose from.

Try to use covers, and utilise the map layout to your advantage!



I had a VERY SHORT experience with my brother last night (2 human players vs the AI), and I have to admit.. It was AWESOME.

Just imagine multi-member squads (4 leaders + standard + attachment = 6 different troop types), researches, weapon choices...

And special rounds where there can be a something spectacular, like BOSS battles, or even player VS player in order to claim some prize...


I do not have the time to work on it right now, but it can become THE UTMOST Soulstorm experience.


In DoW2, last stand was a masterpiece.

Now, we can have SQUAD last stand. And we can make is AS WE WANT.