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Mission Objectives question

14 December 2019 - 01:53 PM

Is there a way, to "reset" an objective?

... Meaning that, if it is complete, to reset it to unfinished...


If I try to set it to OS_Incomplete, I get the message that you are only allowed to set it to Failed or Completed...

Missing 2 textures

28 October 2019 - 06:00 PM

Does anyone have these two??? :grad:

FX -- Texture 'DATA:ART/FX/CANNIBALISM_BLOOD_SPARK_TAU' is missing, using default!
FX -- Texture 'DATA:ART/FX/CANNIBALISM_BLOOD_FX_TAU' is missing, using default!

Fallen Angels Beta Thread

14 October 2019 - 05:10 PM

Fallen Angels


OK, I know we are stretching things enough already with all the races, but this came as a bonus!!

We were chatting with brother Kekoulis, and the topic came up... And in NO time, he has prepared an ARMY of models!!


So why not.


Fallen angels will be a new separate race, but will be included in the Dark Angles mod. It will NOT be a seperate DA branch. (there are many reasons for this, like spottings, good/evil allegiance, taskbar, etc)

That is why THIS is the place where we will be developing the project.

And we will GO SLOW.


Now, we must deal with Salamanders and Emperor's Children.

Then, for me it's TSons and AdMech.

The Fallen will be a side-project. And most possibly a "compact" one.



What I want from you


1] Mainly Your Input! I want your knowledge on the Fallen. For example:

- What is their basic strategic advantage?

- What are the "specifics" of the race? (squad sizes, abilities, researches, preferred weapons, etc)

- What are their advantages and their disadvantages?

... Etc.Remember, we are DESIGNING the race!


2] Secondary, whatever help you can offer. Mainly, Icons and Taskbar.

The AE/AI/SCaR/3D/AUDIO parts are covered by me Kek and Thud :thumbsuphappy:




Corsix Macros - for faster AE management and checks...

14 September 2019 - 09:28 AM

OK, just to say that, during my countless AEing times, it became apparent that some Macros would have shorten the required time for many tasks, .... By A LOT!!

So if you are interested, I can share some Macros.


The reason I posted this, is a CTD reason, common to all projects:

The Origin.z being larger that the Muzzle.z in the combat_ext of entities.


I had a CTD in the Imperial Fists because of that, and instead of searching the entities one-by-one, I created a Macro that does that for me.


Anyway, you got the idea.