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#1073670 TF2 Humiliation mode for DoW 1

Posted by ultiraweirdo on 18 December 2017 - 04:19 AM

If you've played TF2, you'll know that, at the end of the match, the losing team can't attack while the winning team hunts them all down and slaughters them.



I want to do the same thing for DoW 1. For the game modes of Take & Hold and Control Area.



So, when one team achieves a Take & Hold or Control Area victory, instead of freezing the game, I want it such that the damage of the winning team is heavily increased and they obtain a speed boost.



Conversely, the losing team get a very high damage reduction and they also get a speed reduction.



The game-freezing Win Condition is then only triggered when every last unit-producing building and every last unit has been annihilated.



Unlike a TF2 humiliation where the game is truly over, I want it such that if the team being humiliated can capture the control points to meet the win conditions, they'll be rewarded with the high damage output and a speed boost and the former winning team will get very little damage output and a speed reduction. 


Of course, such a scenario is very unlikely given that the losing team is severely handicapped during Humiliation.



How should I begin to code such a game mode?