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Balance issue: BTL-S8 K-wing

17 January 2015 - 02:14 PM

In Version 1.2, when i play Galactic Conquest, after having built up a huge fleet with many, many, many Star Destroyers, Praetors etc. the Rebel Alliance starts to build hundreds of BTL-S8 K-wing squadrons. They are severely overpowered, for example if i try to hunt them down with 50 T/D squadrons + 50 DX-9 squadrons (both should be the "weak spots" of the K-Wing), i can destroy approx. 5 K-Wing squadrons out of 150, while losing all of my T/D and DX-9. I have no idea how i still could win this savegame, since those hundreds of K-Wing squadrons not only overpower easily all of my T/D, DX-9 as well Preybirds, they also bomb my Battleships (starting from Cruisers, Dreadnoughts up to Star Destroyers up to Praetor and SSD's as well Eclipse) and Space Stations away if they were made of glass. Please take this very annoying issue into consideration for v1.3 - which i am awaiting impatiently :)