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#891613 cause of the lag (. I know this has been discussed many times but hear me out)

Posted by mrazek666 on 21 June 2012 - 09:38 PM

Perhaps slightly off topic but I have just been thinking - why are certain mods laggging and others are not? I mean looking objectively with the UTMOST respect to all the good modders out there - you will always get a lag in certain mods and never in others. To compare - Phoenix Rising - fantastic mod that almost got me into trouble with my wife (yes Honey I will do the vaccuming ...just after 1 more battle lol) but it lags big time in GC and sometimes in battles(with too many units especially fighters or infantry on land), also it has got an issue with saves not working or even getting erased - at least in my case. On the other hand lets have a look at lets say - Alliance 4.5 - great mod from Nomada, probably the greatest diversity of units in any FOC mod( I think) and .... no lag in GC at all( again in my case). On the minus side, sometimes you will get a CTD after a victory (really annoying - quickly learnt to save as soon as I see YOU HAVE BEEN VICTORIUOS!).
For whatever reason the diversity doesnt affect(?) the performance and thats with 2AIs + player in 121 planets GC.
Now to the point - I still much prefer PR 1.2 to Alliance 4.5 but I just dont get it!!!I believe that Alliance has got AI rewritten so that shouldnt be a problem again....PLEASE dont get me wrong - I am not trying to moan/flame/troll etc - it more of a stream of conciousnes flowing through my fingers onto the keyboard :flameblast: :twisted: :w00t:

Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to next installment!!!